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Wiley-X Goggles

Review date: March 27, 2007
Type: Goggles
Manufacturer: Wiley-X

Wiley Coyote's Goggles?

I recieved my first set of Wiley-X's about 2 years ago as a gift (thanks Jon C). And now have my second set (different design), also a gift (thanks Lillus). I think it's about time I contribute a review.

Wiley-X's (website) are a good alternative to the 'bulky' cousins we more commonly regard as 'goggles' . They more closely resemble in fit and presentation sunglasses/shooting glasses, while maintaining a complete seal around the ocular cavities.

All of their 'tactical' line lenses are made of selenite polycarbonate and far exceed ANSI Z87.1 safety and ANSI Z80.3 optical standards. They can also be ordered with prescription lenses. To my knowledge they come standard with one pair of clear lenses, one pair tinted lenses (which are very easy to change), and a nice impact resistant case that can be attached to your equipment.

I personally now own my second pair and am very happy with both pair. Also, since they fit like eye-wear, they are less distracting to the eye and do not limit peripheral vision like standard goggles. For their size they are also, very sturdy.

Yes, their are still some fogging issues (show me a pair of goggles that doesn't), but this is easily remedied through the use of anti-fog products and keeping the lenses clean. I've also noticed (even with Bolle') that how quickly your lenses fog is linked to the individuals predisposition to sweating and how profusely they do so.

Also, both styles that I have owned came with two different options per pair for mounting them to your nugget. Let us not forget that they are the very semblance of 'haute couture' on and off the field, easily making you the envy of all those around you ;)
— Sonik

Wiley X Addendum - FA-Phillip

I am in the percentage of airsofters that do wear glasses. I have gone to contacts like FA-Lance, but I have an astigmatism, and issues with the lenses drying out. So I have gone back to wearing glasses beneath a paintball mask. Needless to say, this is a big detraction from enjoying airsoft.

Now, I’ve seen the options, Bolle’s with prescription inserts, ESS’ with prescription inserts, and many other tactical goggles with inserts for prescription lenses, but they have the same issues I have now – fogging and the dual pane of glass to look through. I wanted something that fit like glasses, and yet was fully sealing and wouldn’t be as large and bulky as wearing a paintball mask over my glasses. I wanted fully sealing glasses.

I then read Sonik’s review on the Wiley X goggles and decided to check out their website. Upon looking at their tactical line of goggles, I saw a few different styles, Spear, SG1, SG1 V-Cut, CQC, and Nerve. The Nerve, Spear and CQC styles are available with a prescription insert, like the other brands (Bolle, ESS), but the SG-1 and SG-1 V-Cut can be ordered with ANSI rated prescription lenses that have passed the military’s Vo Ballistic Test, and are meeting ANSI standard Z87.1-2003. The difference between the SG-1 and the SG-1 V-Cut is that the V-Cut has more slots that allow for added circulation and ventilation for intense operations; perfect for Florida’s humid climate. Also, they fit under all issued helmets and are perfect to use with rifle optics, something a paintball mask isn't perfect for

I made an appointment for an exam, and ordered the SG-1 V-cut online. Now the prescription models only come with one set of lenses, in which you can order in different tints for the same price as clear; as well as mirrored, polarized and transitional for additional costs. Knowing that the Florida sun can be harsh and knowing that a dark tint sucks when playing at night and indoors, I opted to go “Light Adjusting Transitional” lenses (Transitions).

Prescription SG-1 goggles range in price from $175 for either clear lenses or a variety of tints, up to $300 for polarized mirrored lenses. Bifocals will run you up to $345, while progressive lenses can cost upwards of $375. Of course shipping is extra, and mine totaled out at $320.

Non-prescription SG-1 goggles will run you $75 plus shipping.

Delivery time was outstanding ordering from I ordered them before noon on Thursday, and received the goggles the following Tuesday, of course I paid for the express delivery, but even my new everyday glasses took just as long and I got them locally. They came with a soft carry bag, goggle head strap, glasses arms (for using as sunglasses/shooting glasses), neck strap for the arms and a packet of Fog Tech wipes.

The fit of the goggles is great, they are extremely low profile, just like glasses are, and are a lightweight plastic frame. The foam that seals the goggles does feel a bit stiff, but you get used to this quickly. Looking through them is the same as looking through glasses, or sunglasses. I had no issues sighting up my rifle, like I usually do with bulky paintball goggles. I wore them while I was outside and noticed no fogging with the Prescription SG-1 V-cut Goggles, and had them strapped to my head, only time will tell in the humid months of the summer if they will hold up and not fog, but in case they do, they gave me a packet of Fog Tech to revive them.

Overall, I am very satisfied, and cannot wait to get out and play a few rounds with my replacement glasses/goggles. It seriously feels like I am out there just wearing my glasses, and I recommend them to those out there wearing glasses on the field.


Review by: Sonik


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