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Venom Mini-Gun Prototype

Review date: January 4, 2006
Model: Venom
Type: shoulder fired mini-gun prototype
Manufacturer: Pipers Percision Products

Its All About The Vulcans

Most of you guys know about my love for Vulcan/mini-gun type airsoft. For the new members, I think that Vulcan style rotating barrel airsoft guns are at the top of our hobby's food chain, keep in mind that is only my opinion. So after about 1 year of playing airsoft I found a video of Paul Pipers M134a Vulcan shredding a TV using 6mm steel shot and also using a higher fps than we would use at a game. But that led me to his website... I was in love, I had to have one. But then I saw that he was in the process of developing a a project that I liked even more - the Venom.

After getting in contact with his sales rep Sam at X-Caliber Tactical, I was told that the Venom will probably not be put into production because of the amount of time and labor involved, it would not be cost effective. Imagine taking the workings of a M134a with 6 barrels and shrinking it to a shoulder fired unit, and then adding 4 more barrels. Needless to say it was a little more complex than prior projects, so sadly due to all factors it was put to the side. Paul had other projects that had priority.

In my contact with the mini-gun crowd, I found an Asahi 134a that needed to be worked on for sale ($2000). Since I didn't have the $5300.00 for a PPP vulcan, in my haste (not knowing what I know now) bought it. After talking with Monty from, I found out that the proper ammo required to fire the Asahi (polyamide) was no longer in production, and has no modern day equivalent. Polyamide is an almost unbreakable plastic that is the only ammo (from my talks with Paul and Monty and Sam) that can be used. In fact in all my searching I only found 1 person who had some, with only about 45 seconds worth of fun.

Asahi Safari

In the meanwhile I had my Asahi put together into top shape by Paul with the intention to sell it and buy a mini that I could use. In a few of my emails and phone calls with Paul, I mentioned to him my desire to purchase the prototype Venom. He at first didn't really want to sell it, but as time went on he one day mentioned to me that he would consider selling it to me, but the cost would be in the neighborhood of the M134a price and not the lesser price on the website because that price would have been the price on the production model and not the prototype. We tossed some numbers around and I offered to include my Asahi model that he still had in his possession. He told me he'd call me back the next day. The next day the Venom was mine... I couldn't wait, but I had to. The Venom was broken down into individual parts and had to be put back together.

The Deliverence

Two weeks went by and the Fed Ex truck came. It was like Christmas for a little kid. I brought a can of gas with me to work (knowing I couldn't wait to shoot it at home). First sight was like finding the holy grail, I could almost hear the Gregorian chanting in the back ground. It has a unique style about it, you almost instantly notice that it was built on mills and lathes by a seasoned machinist. In fact the Venom is not a copy of any real steel counterpart. The closest cousin it has is the weapon carried by the Venom soldiers in the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. After hooking up the CO2 and battery, we went out back. I pulled the trigger; I was in awe. The ten barrels rotated counter-clockwise at about 1000 RPM's, and sprayed out plastic hell at 330 fps. It was like a BB hose!

I started cutting down shrubs like Blaine in the movie Predator cutting down trees, but on a much smaller scale. At one point we aimed at a target about 200 ft away and hosed it, and when the BB's were flying I let go of the trigger and watched the BB's continue to hit the target for about two and a half seconds.

It's What's Inside That Counts

The internals of the unit are powered by 2 different sources. The battery, a standard 8.4v 1700mah airsoft type, powers the motor - which rotates the barrels. Unlike regular airsoft guns which have a heavy draw on the battery due to the spring and gear box, the Venom motor does not draw on the battery much at all because the CO2 is what propels the BB's. In fact I haven't even recharged the battery yet. The gas set up being used is the same type of set up you might see a paintball gun using. The regulator I am using is a fixed type (330 fps), though an adjustable type like a Palmers will also work with it as well. Although I am using CO2 right now, I will probably make the switch to HPA (high pressure air). HPA does not have the cool-down effect that CO2 has. As you can see in the pictures of the 2 cans, the one that looks white is actually covered in frost!

I imagine that if I were to use the Venom in a normal fashion (not firing all the BB's at once) the cool down wouldn't be so drastic. The Venom has a magazine that holds about 3000 rds. Shooting at about more than 100 RPS(!), I have to learn to use it with some control. As of now I am buying BB's in bulk...

Scope Included

And lastly you might notice the scope on it - you really don't need to aim - you'll hit your mark. Maybe it was Paul's brand of humor. If you would like to see the videos of some of Paul Piper's creations, on the links page here at FA click FSOG. On our page click links, there you'll see a link to Paul's. Check it out.


Review by: Panzer


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