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Maruzen APS-2 Type 96

Review date: 2/16/2004
Model: APS Type 96
Type: spring powered
Manufacturer: Maruzen


When I first began to look into buying a sniper rifle I looked long and hard for not only quality but also usefulness. Being in Japan took away the head-ache of having to wait for my gear to arrive in the mail. When I first went out on my quest, I was looking in to buying an APS-2. I have shot the APS-2 many times, but the feel of the APS type 96 was surreal.


At first glance the type 96 was a bit intimidating. The gun is heavier than the APS-2 and also feels a lot bigger. I began to work myself up to buying it. After I bought the gun, I was surprised that the box - though it was big - did not have the gun assembled! It was not hard to put this gun together because it has two screw points where you fit an over-sized Allen key (which is supplied with the gun) in and tighten. The stock is made out of high impact ABS. The barrel, bolt, trigger are made out of metal.


After a few minutes the gun was good to go and ready to fire. There is no wobble at all from the barrel and stock. After I put the gun together I began to put the scope on the rail system that comes with the gun (scope not included). The one down side to this was that the scope mount I bought did not elevate the scope high enough to make it comfortable to shot with a mask. This problem was soon fixed with a higher scope mount. The rear stock and face pad are all adjustable to fit your size.


Now to the good stuff — the field test. After about one mag's worth of BBs (which is 30 BBs), I had the scope zeroed in. I started my test at about 20 meters and worked my way back. At 20 meters all shots hit the target with no problem. At the 30 meter line the same thing. Getting back to the 40 meter line was a little different story. Out of 10 shots I noticed that about 3 of them did not hit the target. This problem was solved by using .36 BBs as opposed to the .30 BBs I was using before. At 50 meters the gun still hit with a good shot group only dropping about 5 shots. On the chrono with the stock spring the type 96 shot 97 mps (meters per second) with .20 BBs . When I put in the m130 spring the gun shot at 126 mps with .30 BBs with an increased range of about 8 - 10 meters.


Maruzen has a bipod that fits into the front of the rifle. There is a hole with a small release button under it that the bipod snaps into. Also out by Maruzen is a silencer for the type 96, but from my test and the games we played outdoors you really do not need it due to the fact the gun is already so quiet. There are always the spring upgrades which give you higher FPS and distance. I have put an m130 in my rifle. There is also a tight bore kit that will increase the range of this rifle to 60 meters with the stock spring. I am planning on getting this soon so check back to read about it.


This gun has a good amount of weight to it and feels extremely sturdy. Some people might say that it is too heavy, but those who like heavy guns this is the way to go. The trigger pull on this gun is very smooth. It's hard to believe that a stock trigger can be so easy to pull back. The bolt also has a smooth, easy pull to the rear and the push in is as easy as flipping a page in a book. Another plus to the gun is the look and feel. This gun is extremely comfortable. There are sling mounts in the front and rear of the gun on both sides. The type 96 is also extremely silent. People have told me they only hear the firing pin if anything at all. There is a small pin that sticks out of the rear of the bolt when the gun is cocked which is good for making sure your rifle is ready to go. It also features an adjustable check piece and butt stock.


The one problem that I did come across was that the magazine did not seat like it should. I found out that if you pull the bolt to the rear and then insert the magazine that it locks it in perfectly. High scope mounts needed if you plan on using a full face mask. There is an empty indicator on the left side of the gun but is hard to see at night so I don't think its all that great.

Closing remarks

The APS type 96 is a great gun. Even for those people that have played for a long time this rifle will not let you down. It is extremely sturdy and reliable. This is a great gun all around for the beginner airsofter to the most advanced. Great gun for the money. Stay posted for more follow...

Technical information

Length: 1150mm
Weight: 3350g
Magazine: 30 rds
System: Bolt Action
Built Material: Metal & ABS


Review by: Drez


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego