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TSD Full Metal Stainless Luger P08

Review date: February 7, 2009
Model: Luger P08 GBB
Manufacture: TSD/WE

Fan Boy

This past weekend I went to the 2009 Shot Show here in Orlando Florida. One of the booths I made sure to go by was the TSD booth to see whats new and to do the touch and smell testing! Thanks to Toy Soldier Sports of Orlando and the guys from TSD I was given this pistol to do reviews on. I have owned many Airsoft Pistols and the TSD/WE pistols never fail to amaze me with the quality and price compared to other Airsoft pistols. I couldn't wait to get home to test this pistol out, the excitement was killing me.

If you are a WWII fan then please read this. I myself am a modern warfare player and I like everything modern, but when I saw the TSD Luger I was very impressed. Out of all the WWII pistols the Luger has a unique look and action that is different than most others WWII pistols. It comes in a nicely crafted box with form fitting foam and black liner, 3 allen keys for hop up and adjustments. The instruction manual is also in english.


The first and most noticeable thing is the finish; it looks and feels like stainless steel. The weight of this airsoft pistol is nice and balanced.

The finish, from my understanding, is done in a series of dipping processes from probably copper, nickel and then the chrome that gives it the stainless look. The hand grips are built like the real Luger which in my past I have had a friend who owns one and have held it and from memory I remember its build this is a very excellent replica of the real one. Some of the parts are matching numbers and is stamped on the receiver 1915. The rear sight is adjustable and numbered for different distances.


The magazine which also sports the stainless look is loaded by pulling the spring down, then you fill it in a small hole which makes it a lot faster to load. When filling it with gas there are no leaks between the can and the fill nozzle, so no gas lost. Then load the magazine into the pistol and cock it, of course with the safety on which safety spelled in German (GESICHERT). In english it translates to Secured. Flip the safety to fire and FIRE!!! The pistol works just like the real one. I did my testing with with green gas and a MadBull handheld chrono. The hop up is built with all metal parts and is adjusted by allen wrenches, unlike most other pistol hop ups which are turn wheel and plastic.


Green Gas ranged between 329 and 343 FPS


  • The finish is very, very clean.
  • Every detail of this pistol has been done with care to look and feel real.
  • Hop up is probably the best I have seen in a pistol.
  • Adjustable rear sight.
  • When Magazine is empty the slide locks back.
  • Easy to remove the upper and lower to adjust the hop up, comes apart somewhat like an M92.
  • The interior finish is also plated.
  • Very powerful and not to loud.


  • On occasion when Magazine is empty it wont go back in gun - you must cock it then slide the magazine in.
  • Other than that, I haven't found any other bad features.
  • From functionality to cosmetics this is truly a beautiful piece for gaming or as a collectors piece.


Review by: FA-Tony


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