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Tokyo Marui Glock 26

Review date: 1-2-01
Model: Glock 26
Type: Gas Blow Back
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Retailer: Excess Power
Price with shipping: $130

First Site:

I first saw the Glock 26 in the Tokyo Marui Airsoftgun all line-up catalog when I purchased my Spas12 about a year and a half ago. After waiting around for its release for over a year, I thought either this gun is going to be some sort of new standard for GBB's or its just another TM late release, resulting in overhyped disappointment. Well, I was wrong on both counts. It may not be a revolutionary standard, but hopefully it will cause rival competitors to beef up their products and keep the price tag low. 12,800 yen  IMHO is a very reasonable price. As for overhyped disappointment, not really, maybe hyped a bit but definitely not disappointed. In the following short review I'll try and point out the good and bad as best I can.

When I heard of its final release date, I jumped all over it and picked one up as soon as I could. I was surprised that the Glock 26 was pretty heavy. 570g may not seem like much, but when you consider the size, it is. Also as usual, Tokyo Marui went the extra bit for its "eye-candy" packaging. Very simple but nonetheless a very attractive box. I was also fortunate to get a hold of one without  putty, so the overall quality was very nice. Many *GLOCK* logos,  three on the top slide,  one on the handgrip and one on the magazine. The sights have the tri-dot pattern, one white dot in front, two in the rear. Makes sighting in on target very quick and easy.

The Features:

The Glock 26 has some nice features as well.  The best one has got to be the adjustable hop-up. This will enable you to use different weights of bb's and still be able to shoot straight. This also enables you to get longer ranged shots compared to GBB's with fixed hop-up, like the TM M9 for example. To adjust the hop-up, you must first remove the slide. To do so you simply remove the magazine, pull down both sides of the slide release lever and pull forward. After you get the slide off, turn it over and you will see a small dial. Turn counter-clockwise for hop-up, clockwise for hop-down. Very easy, and best of all, no tools necessary other than your finger! You need not worry about the dial moving out of place, its a very snug fit and wont require re-calibration for a long while. Another interesting feature is the safety switch. Underneath the bottom receiver, you will see a silver plate with serial numbers. Push the plate toward ! the trigger guard, safety on! Pull it out, safety off. Also, the standard glock safety mechanism (trigger safety lever) is also functional. Lastly, the Glock 26 comes with a choice of two magazine endplates. One is a metal extension of the handgrip that enables your pinky finger to wrap around the gun. The other is a plastic cap that makes the magazine flush with the handgrip. I find this to feel a bit awkward since I have average sized hands and my pinky ends up wrapping the bottom half of the magazine. Whatever floats your boat I suppose...

First Shot:

So how does it shoot?  Again considering the size of the gun amazingly on par with many of the "bigger" guns. Punchy recoil, crisp cycles and very sharp shot groupings. Range-wise, again, because of the adjustable hop-up your going to be able to "float" shots as far as you can, but effective playing range would be 40-50 feet. What I mean by "effective" is being able to pick off targets without  difficulty, be it a moving player or a  stationary soda can target.

The magazine capacity of the Glock 26 is 15+1. This doesn't make this gun an ideal choice for primary use, more of an ideal backup gun. You must also consider that re-loading the magazine is quite a very slow process. For those of you who disliked the TM Beretta loading system, you are not at all going to like the Glock 26. There is no loading tube, bb's must be pushed in one at a time. When I say push, I really mean "push". At first you might think its because its new, but even after quite some heavy use , it will still be the same tight fit. Not very practical if you run out of ammo and need to reload quick. Consider getting another extra magazine or two if you intend the Glock 26 to be your primary fire. Gas capacity (w/ 134a) is   2-3 mags, (30-45 shots) depending on climate of course.  Pretty average for a GBB.


I don't have any complaints about the Glock 26. Probably since I use it for what I think its best suited for, a compact backup sidearm.  All in all, the wait may not really have been worth it (2 years!) but nevertheless a fine piece of work by Tokyo Marui. For those of you who like the Glocks, I strongly recommend you add this one to your collection. For those of you who hate  Glocks and the way they look, you should still give it a try. Who knows, the Marui version might change your mind....

Review by: Kenny Troya (AKA Spasman).


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