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Star M60 MK43

Review date: December 19, 2007
Model: M60 MK43
Manufacture: Star
Price: $500

My History in Airsoft

It all started back when I was in diapers, About 4 years ago. I started airsoft from the get go, no paintball, I was more interested in the tactical side of the U.S. Military. And with the invention of the internet I was able to find and pursue my passion.

I was lucky to have been able to work as OPFOR for the military for a few years and done work with the local law enforcement. I never knew that the game of airsoft would have taken me to the places I have been.

I collect airsoft guns as a hobby and have had the chance to have just about every name brand. I think I am so addicted for the reason of how good a manufacturer can get with the small details and making an airsoft gun that looks like the real thing.


I decided that I wanted to buy another M60 variant, I have had the Top M60 and the Inokatsu Mk43, Vietnam versions. This time I was going to try the middle class to see how well built and how close it was to the real thing. So I started looking up M60 airsoft manufactures about 4 or 5 months ago and noticed that Star had one in the works. That's all it took.


Introduced in 1957, it remains in use in every branch of the U.S. military and other armed forces. Its manufacture and continued upgrade for military and commercial purchase continues into the 21st century though it has slowly been replaced or supplemented in many roles by newer designs to include the MK43, E3, E4, etc.

The Retailer

I have done a lot of business with Ehobby Asia in the past few months and I haven't had one complaint. They usually get it to me within about 5 days of me ordering it. Not this time. But no big deal they have great customer service and reply back to my emails within 12 hours. They carry some of the top name brands and always package there shipments well.

The Big Wait!

Well like I said above it took longer than normal to be shipped, My last email from them was on a Thursday and showed that it was shipping that day, So I figured it would be here the following Tuesday or Wednesday. WRONG. My son and I were pulling in the driveway and all of a sudden I see this huge box and was baffled by what it could be and thought "there is no way it got here in 2 days." But it had. I am a big kid in an airsoft gun (candy) store when it comes to getting my stuff and opening it!


It came in a box that was huge, so I opened it up and there was another box on the inside, So I swam my way through all the popcorn to get it out trying not to spill all the popcorn, well needless to say that didn't work it all ended up on the floor. It came in a plain cardboard box with one decal that said Star MK43 with a small picture.

First Impressions

OK, I don't care who you are or how many airsoft guns you may own, the feeling is always the same when you get to open up your box and pull out your new toy! So I cut the tape and open the box to find that it has black foam that is cut out to fit the gun, very nice. So there she is, she looks beautiful and from the outside appearance, I was afraid to take it out fearing that it was going to be a big piece of plastic. I took out the barrel assembly first and studied it. Ok - aluminum, that's nice, so far so good. Then I took out the dummy bullets - UH OH - they are flimsy and plastic now I was worried. I slowly reached in and pulled out the rest of the gun, and PRAISE THE AIRSOFT GOD it was also aluminum.

Well I slid the barrel assembly into the receiver and locked it into place, Then I did my rigidity test: I pulled one way and then twisted it another and it was very rigid, no noises, and the barrel fit in nice and tight.

I then went through it to see what was plastic on it (besides whats supposed to be). The gas tube is aluminum from the receiver to the bi-pod and from there to the front it is plastic but you wouldn't know that unless you did the finger nail tap on it to see if it was metal or plastic. But from looking at it you would have never known. The feed-tray is also plastic but there again you cant tell from outside appearances - they did an awesome job on the details of this airsoft gun. The rest of the airsoft gun is aluminum to include the barrel, front sight, receiver, rear sight, flash hider, charging handle as well as the bi-pod which is steel and a lot of smaller parts. So I put it beside my Inokatsu to see how close it looked as far as details go, and it was up to par.

The major difference between the Star M60 and the Inokatsu M60 was the weight. My Inokatsu is all steel, and the Star is aluminum. So the weight difference is very noticeable. Which will be nice during game-play.

Included With the M60:

  • Dummy Bullets
  • 4000 round electric box mag
  • 10,000 Bio Packing Peanuts!

Initial Test

I open the box Mag put in the 3-AA batteries that it required and noticed how large the compartment that holds the BBs was. Wow now I can really hose people! I then opened up the feed tray to install the battery and was thrown for a second, it has ample room for the biggest of batteries but yet it has a mini connector, Strange, but whatever I can change that later, I connected the battery and hooked up the box mag which is connected by 3 locking tabs, nice, and then filled it with .20 BBs which took almost all 5000 in the bag with a few to spare.

I went to my closet and took out BIG RED (my chrono) and turned it on. I set the gun up on the bi-pod and and fired away: 299, 300, 298, 301, 300. That was kinda of a low FPS but I already knew it from the specs. I opened my bedroom doors and fired of all 4000 plus rounds to see if there would be any issues, it didn't miss a beat. It shot straight and far. I decided to take another step and change out the spring - very easy! You don't disassemble anything, just open the feed tray cover and push the spring guide in and then pull the spring release, pull out the spring and do the exchange. I put a M120 in and re-chronoed it: 335, 340, 339. That's better, the spring change took less that a minute.

Another nice feature I noticed was that it had a spring release, The M60 like the M249 is a Machine gun and does not have semi to reset the spring, But unlike the M249 it has a spring release so that the spring doesn't stay compressed.


After owning M60s from other manufacturers I will give a scale of quality to base you choices on.

TOP M60: Great looking gun but has to much plastic on the gun and has major issues with its bellows system, very costly to get it up and running.

Inokatsu and VFC: Both are very well built. Inokatsu pays more attention to the smaller details than VFC, Both are still top quality and would make anyone happy. They are not cost effective, But you get what you pay for.

Star M60: Attention to detail is there, made of aluminum to keep it light so that it wont kill you in an all day skirmish. Very cost effective considering that it is a third the cost of Inokatsu, and looks just as good.

If you Like The M60 and don't want to break the bank getting one than the Star M60 will do you justice. Light, large ammo well, and last but not least, looks awesome.

Review by: FA-Tony


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