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Classic Army SLR-105 AEG

Review date: July 31, 2006
Model: SLR-105
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: Classic Army
Retailers: TC Airsoft / Airsoft Extreme

SLR-105 what is it?

The Classic Army SLR-105 is a licensed copy of the real SLR-105 AK made by Arsenal of Bulgaria. Arsenal in turn produces copies of the ultramodern Russian AK-74 for Eastern European countries. Unlike the real AK-47, the real SLR-105 fires a 5.45mm round, rather than a 7.62mm round. The Arsenal SLR-105 also happens to be the only 5.45mm AK that is currently imported in the US through Arsenal of Las Vegas. This rifle is the most modern assault rifle issued to the armies of former Soviet countries, replacing the AK-47 that has been around since the Vietnam era.


Like all other Classic Army models, this AEG is true to form, using as many metal parts, although it is aluminum vs. steel. The grips and rear stock are made out of plastic. The AEG does contain full Arsenal trades as well as a serial number, making it appear real. Classic Army presently offers this AEG in a flat black finish, but they do offer furniture kits in wood finish. Also, all TM compatible parts will fit this AEG.

The rear stock will house a large type battery. It also came complete with a 500 round hi-cap magazine.


Now, I acquired this AEG for Op: Copperhead. I picked it up there from Josh over at TC Airsoft. When I first went to chrono the gun, I handed it over and I hear the worst possible sound - ugnh - come from the AEG. The sound is the same you get when a gearbox is screwed up and the battery won't work it. Luckily for me, it was the battery itself, so I borrowed one from a fellow Florida Airsofter (thanks man) and went back to chrono.

At the chrono station, I handed the AEG over to NIghtbreed, and he got to fire my AEG before I did at the chrono. At first it shoot 337 FPS, then it shot 343, then 340, impressive for a brand new AEG. One it was tagged legal for the event; I stepped aside and got to fire the AEG myself. I fired it, I noticed the BB began to float after a certain distance and adjusted my hop up accordingly. After tuning it in, and I was satisfied with the distance the BB was traveling in the chrono station, I went back to load up for the game.

During game play the first few times I fired it, wasn't directly at anyone I could see, it was only a diversion, therefore I couldn't tell how on point I really was, but the ROF was incredible, now I was using a 9.6v large type battery and I know it helped, but the AEG itself sounded great.

Eventually, I saw the whites of my opponents eyes, or the glare from their goggles. Lance & I were at the communications post, and FSOG were upon us. We headed for cover, and I saw someone had stashed their PSG-1 inside the station. I grabbed the PSG-1, went to the second level, and emptied the magazine. Out of ammo, Lance handed me up the SLR-105 and I took aim, I did a decent job of eliminating the enemy, only problem, was a medic was there as well and kept healing them. Eventually, I was hit, and removed myself from the firefight. I was very impressed at the distance the AEG was shooting, the ROF, and how fast the BB's traveled.

The next mission of the day gave me an open opportunity to gauge the distance. After low crawling through the weeds at Firebase Miami, and through a fire ant pile, I popped up and took aim on a sniper & another player. Although I didn't hit them, I was nailing their bunker pretty heavily. Now, I can't tell you the exact distance, but it was at least 75 yards if not more. I do plan on getting an exact range, and updating this as soon as I can.


This time, I did not take it apart.

It is a Classic Army model, so it does come equipped with a reinforced piston, metal gears, and this AEG has 7mm oily bearings. Like all CA models it is pre-upgraded so anyone looking for a metal AK that is slightly upgraded may want to compare this with the ICS model.


I am very happy with my purchase. I picked up another Hi-cap and cannot wait to play with this AEG again at the next game. I would recommend this AEG to anyone looking for an AK type AEG that wants a metal AEG. OF course everyone knows I am partial to CA models, but if you every want to fire mine, all you have to do is ask.

I would like to thank Josh @ TC Airsoft for the AEG, as well as Airsoft Extreme for the history of the AEG.


Review by: FA-Philip


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