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Save Phace Face Protection

Review date: January 7, 2008
Type: Face Protection
Manufacture: Save Phace
Retailer: Save Phace

Too Pretty To Get Hit In The Face?

I was given the opportunity to use a new tactical face mask at OP: Dead Mans Hand played 12/8/07. This Mask is made by a company called Save Phace, and these are definitely not the typical store bought face protection that is made for Paintball and regularly used in airsoft. I have always worn a full mask and had my share of issues with them, I know a lot of players don't like to wear full face masks and there are many different reasons for this, but fogging and limited vision seem to be the biggest problems. I knew from the moment I tried this mask on it was not like any other I had ever worn. It is a tight fit mask with a large thermal amber lens and strong outer shell, solid and comfortable. It fit very well and once it was on I was ready to get it in some games!

On The Field

As the Texans, it was Off to the Alamo, we dug in to the church and waited for the hour and a half long battle to begin. One thing that stood out immediately was how much easier it was to use my gun sights with this mask and a lack of the major blind spots common with traditional PB masks. The lens really seems to be set perfect in this mask, it was only about an inch away from my eyes and just made it easy for me to see the whole field, without unnecessary head movement. With about ten minutes left in that game, the red forces started to over take us. I spun to shoot left, then looked back to the right when someone else's well placed rounds made a nice loud pop on the new mask. I yelled HIT! One thing was clear, that sharp pop would have been stinging on my cheek.

Since I spent all of the first game just shooting, I spent the next two running around shooting and trying to fog this thing up, it didn't work. I did manage to get some sweat on the lens but No fogging at all. I took quite a few more of those loud pops during the next two games. When I got back to the staging area I was impressed by how easy it was to remove the lens. There are four clips, two inner and two outer, holding the thermal amber lens firmly in place, Save Phace makes nine different types and tints of lenses, for easy swapping and cleaning.

I took it back out for one more run, with it being close to dusk and wanting to see if it could make it in the dark without fogging and it did great, this time I had to walk off the field because it was just to dark to see, no loud pops in this one.

In Conclusion

This is by far the best mask I have seen. Although the cost is a little more than most PB masks, ranging between $49.99 and $74.99 depending on the style and lens type. Savephace offers a large selection of cool graffics from Mossy Oak or Jungle Justice camo, to the radical Alien Invasion. These tactical masks are the first I have seen with RWI foam (Removable,Washable,Interchangeable) great for those of us who sweat a lot. The one I have is paintable and called Assissian it was $64.99 and worth every penny. I would say if you have been considering getting a new mask or getting your first you should take a good look at their line of Tactical masks. They truly do Save Phace!


Review by: EOCM-Gator


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