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Para-Ordance P14.45

Review date: 11/18/2002
Model: Para-Ordance P14.45
Type: Gas blow-back
Manufacturer: Western Arms
Retailer: Precision Airsoft

The 1911 lover's pistol.

Ever since learning of the pistol's forth coming to the world of Airsoft, I've wanted it from the start. As I have owned the real steel version of this pistol I was eager to get the WA version fast. I ordered one from Precision Airsoft with an extra mag. I was a little skeptical at first about buying a WA pistol because I have heard of the slides breaking. I took another look on the internet for reviews and then made the order. Upon receiving the box (which was hefty) I was very impressed by how their packaging is dealt with. A very tidy box with lots of Japanese catalogs. One covers their entire line.


Holding it in your hand is an exhilarating experience. For 1911 lovers, they know that holding this old faithful type pistol is a rush. Firing one is even better. The pistol I chose was the two tone green and black. There are 2 other versions available: all silver, and all black. After loading the mags with the proper weight BB's (.20) and HFC134a gas ( I opted for the lower pressure gas to start with.) I took the gun out to the test range in the back yard. Having cans set up on a target stand at about 15 yards away, I take aim. PAP! Can goes down but seems a little weak. I try again, PAP! Can falls down but still feels a little weak. I finish off the rest of the cans and then reload. I'll have to wait till I get some green gas to see how it really performs.

Test Fire

A couple days later I received some green gas and then headed for the back yard again. Loading the mags with gas is a simple but wasteful endeavor. You have to remember to lift the locking slide tab on the valve in order to fill it. Once that is done you just turn the mag over, bottom side up and fill. There are no o-rings to keep gas from leaking out so it's somewhat leaky when filling. Lift the pistol to fire and squeeze, POP. The next thing that popped into my head is "Damn this thing kicks." One of the guys at a recent game said, "Your shoulder is takeing a lot of recoil." In other words this gun packs a good wallop. The Hop-Up is very easy to get to. Just pull the slide back half way to expose the first notch on the slide the slide release. Place you fingernail under the lever and pull up. Once the slide is off, you will notice there is a little hole in the bottom center of the slide for a small allen wrench that comes with the pistol. To adjust the BB to go up, turn slightly clockwise; to go down, turn counter clockwise. Replace in opposite order of disassembly. Rack the slide and fire. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

The Details

As far as the detail of the pistol, it is immaculate. It matches my Real Steel P12.45 almost to a "T". Both are about the same weight 30-34 Oz respectively. Grips are almost identical. Although my P12.45 has what's called Novack sights and a true beavertail, the airsoft P14.45 is very detail oriented. From me, Western Arms gets an A+ in detail, A in accuracy and due to a grip plug falling out a B+ in manufacture. Even though the pistol is solid as a rock, WA could have done a little more testing on accessory durability. I do recommend it for your future collection.


In final words I would like to say that the WA Para-Ordnance P14.45 is fantastic gas blow back pistol. It offers a powerful and robust package that is needed in Mil-Sim. It out performs my Glock 18c with the exception of not having full auto capability. At the time of this printing. WA offers the pistol now in 3 different configurations and 3 color schemes. Standard black, mock stainless steel, green and black with black only being available for the Carry and Combat Plus. The Carry version has a 4 inch barrel setup with the same beavertail as the P14.45 standards and a black metal barrel. While the Combat Plus has the more exotic beavertail grip safety, extended slide lock safety, silver metal barrel and more up to date Novack type sights.

Review by: Jason Suter aka Sniper308, team LAST.


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