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NVMT 5 Riflescope

Review date: July 27, 2004
Type: NVMT 5 Riflescope
Manufacturer: Yukon Advanced Optics
Price: $379.00

MVMT 5 Overview

The NVMT 5 is a Gen1 + ICT night vision riflescope. It features a Laser pointer with adjustable screws to zero-in the pointer with the scope viewing angle. The best feature is the IR illuminator. When turned ON, low level shadows are illuminated well enough to see human figures against a dark background.

Visual magnification is X1.5 with a field of view of 20 degrees. I though that using airsoft goggles would reduce the field of view, but under playing conditions the goggles were not a problem.

The instruction book claims a distance of 200 M. with moon illumination as the maximum distance to recognize a human figure. Although I haven't tried it that far, for those of you that went to Operation Green Rescue, I was able to see "Tangos" well over a 150 feet away. The IR illuminator's range is 100M. Far outdistancing the range of airsoft guns.

The back element has an adjustment of +/- 4 diopters. Good enough to accommodate most refraction errors. The front element is also adjustable, and works on the same principle as the lens on a camera. It must be rotated to bring in focus the target you are aiming at.

This scope comes with a weaver mount, making it easy to install on most guns. Weight is less than a pound, and overall bulkiness is no greater that a regular rifle scope.


I bought this scope about 6 weeks ago, This is the first time I had the opportunity to use it under "combat" conditions. I was very pleased with the overall performance of this scope. Tangos I could not see (or they see me) 20 feet away, were easy "kill" with the scope. Those of you that had the opportunity to look through the scope at the last game can attest to the brightness of the scope. No one was disappointed. The only limitation under game conditions I found is that when someone shines a TacLight at the scope I had to point away from it and miss the chance of having a "kill".

I highly recommend this scope to anyone that plays night games. I had a tactical advantage denied to others. As more players add a night scope to their inventory, it will change the tactics of night games.


Review by: Scorpion


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego