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Tokyo Marui M733

Review date: 6/26/2003
Model: Colt M733
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui


After many nights looking at different websites and getting input from friends, I decided on the M733. It seems everybody has the M4. I wanted something similiar but different. With the M733 I got the best of both worlds for CQB and woods play.

My first impression was it looked alittle small. I guess thats from my Army days being used to the real metal M-16. I noticed it is almost identical to the M4 but has a shorter barrel. The carry handle is also fixed and not removable like the M4's. So far I liked what I saw.


I was really impressed the way the M733 felt. It has decent weight and the Tokyo Marui workmanship is first class. The attention to detail is remarkable. It comes with the EG1000 motor and fitted for the small battery in the fore grip. The M733 is basically a M16-A2 with features similar to the M4. The M733 is used by Delta, and can be seen in the movie Black Hawk Down.


Benefits of the M4 series are present making this an excellent choice for CQB. This is one of the main reasons I chose the M733. As with all M16 variants, there are a ton of accessories you can get for this assuat rifle such as silencers, hi-cap mags, ect. Since Tokyo Marui makes it, there are also many internal upgrades that can be added for better performance if you desire.

Its hard to buy from anyone but Tokyo Marui. The quality is second to none, proven time after time. So the first time I shot the M733, I wasn't dissappointed. At 50 feet, my shots were very accurate after a quick adjustment to the hop-up. Occassionaly you will see the curve in a round or two, but what do you want from such a light projectile. I was using .2's and still very impressed. Range is about 100 feet, but your looking at no power by then and luck in accuracy. But still, it shoots well.


The M733 is an excellent choice for the beginner, or veteren player. This rifle will fit in well in any scenario type game. It's accurate, tough and looks great. Go out and play with the M733 knowing you have one of the newest from Tokyo Marui. You'll be happy you did.

Review by: SAS~SPOOK


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