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KSC Glock 18C

Review date: 10-16-00
Model: Glock 18C Railed Frame
Type: Select Fire Gas Blow Back
Manufacturer: KSC

When news of the Glock 18C’s arrival to the airsoft market first surfaced, I was immediately intrigued. As a firearm collector and shooter, I was well aware of this Glock monster and it’s capabilities. As an airsoft enthusiast, however, my only experience with gas blowback airsoft guns was with my KSC Mk23 SOCOM. I had been quite happy with its performance, but a part of me had always been curious as to how a select fire gas gun would stack up against an AEG.

A few months later, while cruising the ‘net one day, I paid a visit to They are based in Athens, Georgia and are a great group of guys that we have played with in the past. Their site primarily deals with spring and gas guns, as well as BBs and the like. I was poking around when I noticed that they had the fabled KSC Glock 18C for $159! Wow, that price is BETTER than DEN Trinity, I told myself. I kicked it around for a few minutes(okay, a few SECONDS!) and then dropped Eric an email. Turns out, he was at his computer and got right back to me. Needless to say, he ended up shipping one out to me that day(Friday).

On Monday, the gun showed up at my front door. It had been awhile since my last personal airsoft purchase, and it was good to see that I can still get excited about a new toy. After tearing open the package that Airsoft Atlanta carefully prepared, I saw my baby in full color on the untouched, original box top. The gun came packaged with two manuals, one which covers the G17 series in general and another small foldout that was specific to the G18C. Also included in the box was a small packet of BBs and a hopup tool and small allen wrench.

Upon taking the G18C out of the box, I was immediately impressed with its authenticity. As an owner of an undisclosed amount of real Glock pistols, I could see that KSC really went all out to replicate the real thing. The slide, although made of plastic, is superbly finished to closely resemble the Tenifer finish found on my real Glocks. My only gripe is that the frame itself has a slight ‘sheen’ to it which is not apparent on a real Glock pistol. Other than that, the KSC sports the same finger grooves as a current generation Glock, all the same trademarks(even on the bottom of the mag!), a metal serial number plate on the underside of the frame, and the same rails to mount accessories as found on the real weapon. One note: the KSC Glock Rail Framed pistols accept all of the same accessories that a REAL Glock can take. Tanaka rail frame guns require some fabrication to get these same accessories to work, as their rails are not dimensionally as accurate as the KSC’s.

Okay, time to gas up and try this thing out! To access the gas valve on the magazine, you must pull down on a latch on the lower front of the mag and slide the base plate towards the latch. This exposes the valve. For this initial test, I used some green gas that I had for my Mk23. The mag filled rather quickly when compared to my SOCOM, which tells me that the Glock may be more efficient in the gas consumption department. To load the 23 BBs which the magazine holds, you simply pull down on a lever which compresses the magazine spring and lock it at the bottom of the mag. Now you can easily drop the BBs into the mag, although I did notice that sometimes the BBs don’t fall into the proper staggered formation. I found that it was sometimes necessary to shake up the magazine slightly to get the BBs to properly stagger. Once you have the mag loaded, release the lever and the spring snugs up against the BBs. Insert the mag in the gun and cycle the slide to chamber the first round, and you are ready to go.

After letting the freshly charged and loaded magazine warm up to room temperature(this should be done to maximize the life of your gun’s seals), I proceeded outside to test fire the Glock. Already familiar with semi-automatic gas operation, I elected to go full auto right off the bat. To operate the select fire lever, the gun’s slide must be locked to the rearward position. T he selector switch is located on the left side of the slide near the rear sight and has three positions. The upper position is marked with a single dot which indicates semi-automatic operation. Middle position has no marking and is a ‘Safe’ position, and the lower position is marked with two dots which signifies full automatic operation. Another safety is located on the trigger itself, and requires a very delicate touch to raise the small lever located directly in the center of the trigger. I found myself supporting the trigger with my other hand to prevent an accidental discharge. Once this small lever is raised, it physically props the trigger so that it cannot be manually depressed. A clever use for this small detail found on the real Glock trigger, but I question its safety and practicality (the real Glock uses this lever in a different way).

Okay, the selector is on full auto and the magazine is ready to go. A short, crisp pull of the trigger is met with a distinct ‘braap’ noise and sharp, constant recoil as the gun empties all 23 rounds in what has to be under 2 seconds! WOW! The gun kicked strong and required definite downforce on my part to keep it from rising off target. Only problem…..Now I have to reload and charge up to do it again! A word of advice: If you buy this gun, you WILL need extra mags(preferably the 49 round high capacity model). The gun functioned flawlessly with not a single misfeed when using Marui 0.2g BBs. I quickly recharged and reloaded the mag a few more times and found more of the same perfect function. A few shots on semi-automatic gave promising results, although I do need to tone down the hop-up setting a bit. I do not have chrono readings at the moment, but my initial impression is that this gun is at least on par with my KSC Mk23 and that gun shoots around the 300 fps mark. Recoil on the Glock 18C is much more pronounced than with my SOCOM, and I must say that the Glock has a much better weight to it than the SOCOM. This may be due to the Glock’s smaller size, as the SOCOM is a HUGE handgun.

In summary, the KSC Glock 18C select fire gas blowback pistol is a great airsoft model that performs just as good as it looks. If you plan on doing much full auto shooting, you will need extra mags. KSC really pulled out all the stops and delivers yet another knockout product. I’ve got to wonder now, maybe I need a M11 GBB?!?! Full auto gas guns can definitely put some excitement back into your airsoft hobby!

Review by: John Oliva.


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego