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KSC Glock 17

Review date: 10-10-00
Model: Glock 17 Railed Frame
Type: Gas Blow Back
Manufacturer: KSC
Retailer: Airsoftmarine
Price with shipping: $168

First Impressions:

I was at work when I got my package from Airsoftmarine. It came via USPS Priority and I was totally expecting it. Nothing worst than trying to pay attention at work when you've got an airsoft package coming in the mail! Well, maybe trying to pay attention to work when you've got an airsoft package coming to your house is worst. Anyway, the mail was late that day (of course) so when it finally got here I could hardly help myself. I ripped open the package to get my first look at a KSC Glock. I hadn't heard much about them before other than someone on one of the airsoft boards saying, 'yeah there good', kinda stuff. So, I opened the box and OMG! They accidental sent me a REAL Glock! Well, they didn't of course, but it sure looked real enough sitting in the box. I have 3 UHC springers which don't look to bad and I also have a GBB KWC SIG P226 which isn't too bad either but none of them hold a candle to the KSC Glock. Even after I pulled it out of the box it felt dang near like a real Glock. The detail on it is excellent. I never expected it to be so well detailed. All the marking are on it--even the serial number stamped in to the lower forward receiver!

First Test

Since I had expected the Glock in the mail that day, I brought a can of Green Gas and a bag of BB's with me to work. So all work put a side for the moment, I loaded the gas into the mag. That actually took some doing. The bottom of the mag has a plastic cover on it (with a big Glock logo on it) covering the gas port. The cover looked like it should just slide forward but you have to pull up on this little metal slide just in the lower front of the mag. That done you can slide the cover forward to expose the gas up port. If you continue to hold that little slide up the cover will come right off. Otherwise it seems to lock in position. I filled the mag up with some gas (man, the gas I have stinks!) and slid the cover back with a nice snap. Turning the mag over, there is another metal slide thingy you need to pull down front the top front of the mag. It locks down at the bottom and holds the spring in place while you load the mag up. The mag holds 23 BB's in a double stack formation. You gotta be careful loading the BB's because sometimes they don't wanna stack very well. No big deal really. Now for the important step, you have to push in again that little metal slide so that the spring will push the BB's up. I say that it is an important step because its easy to forget and I can just imagine playing a game and I reach to grab for my side arm and POP POP no BB's feeding into the chamber.

I set up a small cardboard box in the corner of my office (which is really big room) and walked back about 18 feet or so and aimed for some markings in the box. I racked the slide back (nice and smooth and really tight-get your head out of the gutter-I was talking about the slide on the Glock) and pulled the trigger. Speaking of which, this GBB has the same kinda trigger as on a real Glock with a safety built in--the only safety it has on the whole gun. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I'm not going to explain it but I'm sure you can ask one of your gun freak friends about it. Suffice to say that it pretty unique and it works just like the real one does. BOP! BOP! BOP BOP! Whoa! This thing is cool as hell! The action is conscise and the blowback is fast and packs a decent kick. Not like a real gun (not even near) but close enough to be fun. I checked the holes I made in the cardboard. Nice little group with no strays.

Second Test

If you have never shot a GGB pistol and have only messed around with AEG's, let me tell you, you are missing out on half of the hobby! The noise (much louder than an AEG) and the blow-back kick is something you have to experience. Don't get me wrong--I have nothing against AEG's (I own 7 after all) and shooting BB's in full auto is tons of fun, but AEG's are not nearly as satisfying. I mean, anyone can fill a mag up, stick it in an M4 and spray BB's all over the place. Have you ever shot at a paper target full auto? Yeah its fun the first few times but really, the paper just turns to shreads. How much skill does that require? None! On the other hand, a GBB requires aim. Plus the blowback just makes it that much better. And a lot of the GBB break down for cleaning/lubricating like a real pistol with the slide coming off.

I took the Glock out to a paintball field we were checking out the other day and fired it for the first time outdoors. Good thing it comes with a hop-up adjuster as the BBs' would fly out straight for about 40 feet then swing straight up in the air! It was like the BB's would reach a certain distance and decide to do a 90 turn. Very strange. But other than that we noticed that compared to Joey's TM M9 GBB (also very nice), which he was shooting right next to me, the Glock sounded a lot louder like it was shooting harder. There were cronos for the paintballers sitting there so I decided to see what fps the Glock was doing. BOP! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! Oops, I set the alarm off on the crono. I guess they have it set for the paintball guns to make sure they're not shooting to hot. Well, guess what, the Glock set it off at over 330fps! Yep, 330fps. Not too shabby I say especially when my M4 (which I measured on the same day) was doing 290fps (its stock with a 9.6 volt 1000 mah battery that I made). In the Glock I was using Super Power Green Gas from I&I Sports ($18 for a 1000ml bottle) and the temperature was about 85 degrees.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure there's a bunch of details I'm leaving out. Hmmm, lets see. Its made out of plastic (but so is most of a real Glock) but you can buy a metal slide so that it would be even more realistic. I heard that the metal slide slows down the blowback action a bit. Anyways the plasic slide has a very convincing finish to it that I'm not sure if I would wanna bother. There is of course a weaver-sized rail on the bottom forward portion of the receiver just in front of the trigger to mount lasers or flashlights or whatever. On another note, on the model I got, the barrel isn't painted orange nor were any of the trademarks removed or damaged. I think this helped with the initial impression on how real this thing looked.

Well, I'm glad I got mine. And no, you can't touch it. Get your own! Glock, glock!

Oh, I almost forgot, you can click on the pictures in this review to see a larger version.

Review by: FA-Lance.


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego