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KSC GBB Review:

Beretta M9, H&K USP compact and H&K USP Full size .45 Sand Frame

Review date: March 30, 2008
Model: Beretta M9, H&K USP compact and H&K USP Full size .45 Sand Frame
Manufacture: KSC Corporation
Retailer: eHobby Asia
Price: $200


We as airsoft players love everything airsoft, So I decided to do a review on some of the best built GBB pistols that I have found, KSC. I have never been a fan of GBB guns but I decided, like I do with AEGs, to see how close they can replicate the real steel version. I searched the web for photos to see who made the most cosmetically closet and hoped for the best when I found who I thought made the most realistic. That was KSC Corp. My first experience with their guns was at a game a few years back, John (Demo) had a custom H&K USP compact that Monk had customized for him. The pistol was very sharp from all outside appearance's and had a hefty feel to it, not to mention looked like the real deal. Over the last couple of years I kept telling myself to go buy one and check it out. So that's just what I did.

KSC makes these guns in ABS and all metal versions, which the price difference is about $45. to $50.00 dollars. What I hope to accomplish is give detailed information regarding these airsoft pistols so you the player can make his/hers own decision on what they like and would want to buy. I also want to say that in the past I have owned all three of the real guns, so I feel I can give a very good comparative of these airsoft guns.


I looked through all of the airsoft retailers and compared prices and shipping and EhobbyAsia not only had the best prices but also had both the metal and ABS versions. One reason that I use eHobby Asia is due to the fact that they are an Ebay store and they only want good feedback so they try to ship in a timely manner as well as answer any questions one might have regarding their product. So unlike your normal web retailer, you have the option to state how you feel about their service and it can be viewed by the general public, which in turn, for lack of a better word keeps them "straight". I have always liked the H&K USP's, so when I saw that they carried the metal versions I ordered them. After waiting four days they showed up at the door, I was so amazed at the quality, feel and power, I decided to order the Beretta M9 as well.

Quality and Build

H&K USP .45 Sand Frame & H&K USP Compact .40

Both of these replicas are built the same, other than one being a compact and the other being a full size, so instead of doing two reviews that will end up the same I will do one. These replicas are built like their real counterpart with an ABS lower in sand/black color with Metal trademarked slides, the only difference with the real slides and the airsoft ones is that on the real steel the trades are not all white (really silver but looks white in photos). The H&K logo with the caliber is silver and the rest is black. The lowers are very and I mean very solid with correct markings. The guide rods are stainless steel with the rest of the controls being made of metal most likely zinc and steel. They both have reel steel weight and it is not due to the magazines being weighted down with lead, the slides are very solid with the majority of the weight coming from them. So unlike a lot of other GBBs where the weight is mainly due to the magazines. You can remove the magazine and you still feel the heft of the gun with the weight of the slide making the gun feel top heavy. The internals unlike other GBBs are made of metal, again probably zinc, and a stainless steel loading air nozzle, as other GBBs are all plastic internals.

The full size not only replicates the look but also replicates the sounds. And by sounds, I mean that when you pull the slide back it makes the correct clicks and clacks. When you manually pull back the hammer with no gas in the mag, and pull the trigger, it slams down and sounds like the real thing, the same with releasing the slide. The compact is not as loud in the clicks and clacks department, but does make the same sounds, probably due to it being the compact version which the hammer has been shaved and the slide being smaller, but never the less it sounds good. The overall color is pretty dead on, the slides look like they are steel and have that nice cold feeling. The sand frame is dead on in the color department also. The H&K lower rail attachment does fit these replicas, as you see in the photos, I have added the rail with a Streamlight TLR-1.

KSC Beretta M9 Military Version

This replica does not have the Beretta trades on it, instead what KSC has done is to keep it looking "real" without using the trades. So where it would really say "U.S. 9mm M9-BERETTA USA", the replica says "U.S. 9mm M9-ARMED FORCES". So it isn't worded correctly but still uses the same format and does no harm and keeps the gun looking real.

The slide and lower are metal and like the USPs doesn't need a magazine to create the weight. Again with out the magazine it still feels "real". One big difference I did notice is that the outer barrel is plastic or ABS. But you really wouldn't notice that, so again, it does no harm cosmetically. The internals are built the same as the USPs; all metal and stainless steel. As you notice in the photos it has real laminated rosewood grips. I put those on after to see if the real accessories would fit and as you see they fit perfectly. It came with plastic grips which have KSC trades. I did however order a metal outer threaded barrel and silencer. OOPS! Let me be politically correct, a threaded barrel and a "Barrel Extension". As you have probably noticed I have not given any FPS averages for the reason that I have no chrono and that we all know with GBBs is that they are finicky!


  • USP Full Size: $180.99 with shipping
  • USP Compact: $172.99 with shipping
  • Beretta M9: $218.00 with shipping

Closing Thoughts

All three of these replicas are built excellent, from the smallest of details to the overall appearance with good weight and attention to detail. I have only had them for about a week, so at this point in time I cant tell you how long they will last if used often. Then again you guys know how I am, and I probably won't use them at all, I do know that Demo has had his for a while and the last time we talked it was working perfect. If you want a replica that looks real then KSC is a top contender. But remember that these are the metal versions and they cost a bit more, their ABS versions look just as good without breaking the bank. The prices that I have shown above are if you order only one gun, I ordered multiple items and the shipping was about $75.00 less.

I hope this review will help you know KSC better and give you an informed opinion, whether you want this for collection purposes or as skirmish side arm. I am only one person so there is probably other thoughts and opinion's out there.


Review by: FA-Tony


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