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Tokyo Marui H&K G36C

Review date: 12/20/2002
Model: Gewehr 36 "Commando or Compact
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Retailer: Wargameclub
Price: $274

The G36C

The latest of the Gewehr series from Heckler & Koch has finally hit the Airsoft scene, and although it's the compact varient of the G36 series, theres nothing small about it's features.

When I first got into Airsoft the first AEG I bought was a M4A1 Carbine, and to be honest, that was only because there was no G36 varient to choose from. I had talked about and hoped for a time where we would see a G36 AEG, and here it is, and even more to my liking it's the Commando or Compact version.


I preordered the G36C the first day I saw it on War Gamers Club, this also makes my third AEG purchase from them. Their service is still excellent, and they are really good about trade marks. I was very surprised with the price, my total came out to $274 with shipping, and the package arrived within three days as always. And I did not have to pay duties, but I may have been lucky.

The looks

I honestly just stared at it for awhile before even picking it up, talk about a beutiful piece of work! It has to be one of the most modern looking things I've ever seen, it looks like it came out of a scifi movie! You gotta love German engineering, and you have to once again hand it to Tokyo Marui for making a fine replica.

It looks a lot smaller in person, at full stock it's about two inches shorter than the M4A1 and folded it's the size of an MP5 with slither stock with no extension. Truely great for CQB use.

The feel

More than just pretty, it's extremely solid. The removable fore grip which also houses the battery slides into the reciever perfectly, with a nice tight seal. The fire selection switch is also nice and tight and wont accidently slip like the one on the M4A1, it also has a nice solid click so you know when you have made a switch. The folding stock also snaps into place, and won't budge without a good pull.

One of my favortie aspects of this AEG is that the real G36 series also uses a body made up of plastics, so although not the same stuff it does mean we won't have to spend a fortune on metal bodies, as it's allready as good as it gets! On the same note although there is a lot of plastic, to my knowledge everything that is supposed to be metal is metal except for the cocking lever.

In general it's very comfortable, the butt of the stock is rubber and long enough for a good shoulder fit. Another great feature in the comfort department is the G36 is truely ambidexterous. The fire selection is on both sides, and the cocking lever can be pulled out to the right or left side in order to reveal the hop up adjustment.


It doesn't get any easier than this, the fore grip has six hard points to attach rails, out of the box it comes with the lower rail where you can attach a vertical grip. The left and right sides can also accept rails for adding things like lasers or flash lights, although you have to buy those rails seperately. The top sight rail has about nine and a half inches of space for any optics you may wish to attach.

The magazine

The P90 and G36C have to be hands down the sweetest magazines around! This time we have 5.56mm dummy rounds that look just amazing. It's also got features of it's own, you can attach magazines to each other just like the SIG series, and it also features the loading well to hold the loading tool into place. And the best part is there is no wobble, it snaps into the reciever with a nice tight fit. The standard magazines hold 50 while the high capacity hold a whopping 470, although since high caps can't hold dummy rounds they are a real turn off which is another reason to go standard. That works out fine for me as I only buy one high cap per AEG any way.


The G36C uses the AK47 gear box, so you can expect quality and power, I can't say there is any dramatic difference in that area. It also runs on a standard 8.6v 600mah mini battery, I'm sure we'll see new battery designs to fit inside the fore grip. I have not yet had the chance to fully test the G36C out in a day of airsoft so I will update my review when I have had the chance.

Why should you get one?

We all know Tokyo Marui releases better and better AEGs each time, and that we can always expect top quality from them so I don't have to tell you that. So here were my reasons. Basically I've always followed the G36 series, it's just a sweet looking weapon, and it's just as great in AEG form! I'm also into compact AEGs, they are far more comfortable to use and handle in rough situations, this G36C gives you the near size of an M4A1 and folded the size of an MP5A5 fully destended. It also has plenty of room for accesories without having to buy expensive rail kits. Plain and simple it's a multi purpose AEG, fit for many situations, my most favorite being CQB.

Technical information

Length: 718/500mm (Stock folded)
Weight: 2,850g (Including battery)
Barrel length: 247mm
Mag capacity: 50
High capacity: 470
Average fps: 285 (not yet fully measured)

Review by: Ripfire


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