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FogTech Anti-Fog Solution

Review date: February 11, 2005
Model:FogTech anti-fog solution
Type: Bottle or wipes
Manufacturer: MotoSolutions

Bottle of FogTech Anti-Fog
Box of FogTech Anti-Fog Wipes


Incase you haven't heard of FogTech before, I put together a review of this anti-fog treatment to let everyone else know about. I let some other people try it out at Operation: Tropic Blizzard and added their comments to my own below.

My Review

Fogging is the bane of all airsoft users. Nothing ruins a game faster for the average airsofter more than fogged goggles. I wear glasses so the problem is compounded by having not only one but two lens that can fog up. My solution was to purchase a pair of ESS Turbocam goggles that had a small, built in fan to help remove the extra moisture that would build up inside my goggles. The Turbocams worked well for many years but eventually the foam surrounding the goggles started to disintegrate. I purchased a new pair last summer, but the first pair was defective and I sent them back. The new pair wasn’t much better so I decided it was time to find a new anti-fog solution.

I have always wanted to try a pair of Bolle T-800 goggles because of their comfort, wide field-of-view, and low-profile design. They are very popular with law enforcement professionals and airsofters alike for that reason. The big problem is that some people experience a lot of fogging with them because the low-profile design holds the lens much closer to your face than traditional tactical or paintball goggles. I was planning to trade in my glasses for contact lenses and this seemed to be a great opportunity to do so.

What ultimately made me decide to go ahead and get the T-800's was a new product called FogTech. FogTech is a new anti-fog solution made specifically for motocross, paintball, airsoft, and tactical goggles that uses some unique, non-traditional ingredients that coat the inside of your lenses with a clear film that keeps water from beading up as it condenses. Unlike other anti-fog treatments, FogTech does NOT use a wax or gel base; it is clear and seems to be thinner than water when you rub it with your fingers - much like rubbing alcohol feels.

You can get FogTech either as a convenient box of five individually wrapped wipes (you can use each wipe to treat four lenses) or as a small bottle. I prefer the bottle as I feel I will be able to get more uses for my money. Appling FogTech with the bottle involves moistening a small, lint-free cloth with the product then quickly “paint” the inside of your lenses until you have a applied a thin, even coat. The instructions say that you do not have to rub or buff the product in and that you should let it air-dry for a few minutes until the coating disappears. After that you are good to go for a least a days worth of intense airsofting.

I tried FogTech for the first time at Operation: Tropic Blizzard. I treated my goggles before the game started and never had any fogging issues, even though it did rain a bit that day and therefore was really humid. My only complaint is that it seemed to make the goggles a bit more sticky and they seemed to collect more than the usual amount of dust. This was easy to take care of with a dry towel; I just wiped them lightly and I was good to go. Of all the methods I have tried to eliminate fogging, FogTech stands as the best solution so far.

FA-Phillip's Review:

This was my first time using Bolle T-800 Goggles, previously I had been using a paintball mask over glasses that would fog on occasion.

The first time out I wore the Bolle T-800 goggles, I did not notice any fogging of the lense. It was only when I wore something that covered the air flow (baclava) that I noticed minimal fogging around the outside of the lense. This would fog as I breathed out, and would dissipate as I breathed in, not really a big issue.

I then used a Fog Tech pack to wipe the lense down. I no longer noticed the problem when wearing face protection that coverd the airflow. The wipe did a few others goggles after mine, and I did not hear any complaint of fogging once it had been applied.

If fogging does become a consistent problem, I would definately use the Fog Tech product again.

FA-Joey's Review

During Op: Tropic Blizzard, I had the opportunity to test out the new anti-fog coating from MotoSolutions. Temperature that day was about 65-70 degrees with heavy cloud cover and occasional rain drizzles. For this type of weather, I normally use my JT paintball mask as it has the least tendancy to fog. Using my Bolle T-800s for these conditions isn't my normal practice - they tend to fog heavily for me, leaving me relatively blind and useless on the airsoft field. I wanted to see if the anti-fog coating would make a difference.

The instructions are pretty clear for applying the stuff: make sure the goggles are clean to begin with; open the packet (it's packaged as a convenient moist towelette); without unfolding, apply 1 layer quickly, trying not to rub or smear too much; let dry. During the first game, I had zero fog issues; something quite spectacular, given my past experiences with the T-800. During the second game, our team was tasked to move through thick brush, approach and close-in on an enemy position. It was while in the brush that I had some fogging issues. A light layer had formed on the right side of the lense. While annoying, it eventually disappeared once we hit open space with free moving air. Not too bad.

The rest of the day, I switched to my JTs as a light rain had began. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test the coating on these goggles (these goggles rarely fog on me anyways). As the year progresses and Florida gets warmer and much more humid, I look forward to testing out this coating during 'more challenging' weather conditions. First impressions with it makes it look promising.


Review by: FA-Lance


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