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Escort MP5 Review

Review date: 3-12-2006
Model: Escort MP5
Type: Gas Blow Back
Manufacturer: Escort

Do You Have Gas?

So at certain games you'll always see a few players who are hooked up to CO2 rigs and their airsoft guns have a certain unique sound that AEG's just cant touch. After playing airsoft for about 1 year i started to have interest in these models.

The Classics

I was directed to and in no time bought a b/v (bullet valve, non-blowback) ClassicAirsoft and still wanted more. In my quest I always heard the name "Escort", and soon found out that these were the models to have. These were the full-stroke gas blow back, recoil, full metal models. I had to have one. N.Tawada, the designer of the system has had his system in names like Shoei, YE, & SP, but these were very hard to get your hands on, and to get magazines for them well, was just as hard.

About late 2005, there was a post concerning a new version of the YE MP model coming out that can use modern day AEG MP5 mags (including hicaps, TM, CA, Star, etc.) and has a hop up as well. This was what i was waiting for. I emailed Sniperx (the state side Escort sales rep. - even though he lives in Japan) and placed my order and waited for him to reply for the total with shipping. Paypal away!!!

Finally Getting It

Then that crappy wait begins, and suprising enough I didnt have to wait that long at all. A week and a few days later it was here. It was well packaged and the muzzle with a light film of orange that comes off with rubbing alcohol, and a small piece of putty covering the HK trademark, which also came off with out a problem. As these were comming from the land of the rising sun (full precautions were taken so there were no problems at customs). Included in the box was the MP5, a 30 rd Star magazine, hop up wrench, and a small bag of extra parts. The build of the gun is much closer to real steel than any full metal AEG, so I grabbed the charging handle pulled it back and saw the bolt open ... I was almost possesed to get the gas and regulator and a high capfull of .25's.

After all was ready, I had the gas at around 100 psi and let her rip. Normal people might have tried the single-fire mode first but I went right for the full auto, the recoil was amazing probably close to a full auto .22 cal. I was pretty impressed. For a moment I had to just fire and watch the bolt flap back and fourth. Then came singleshot... Then right back to full auto. For the most part everything lived up to my expectations.

A side note concerning the high cap mag use - I had to dremmel a small section on the magazine BB lid as the hinges of the lid are a little too thick, but mid caps and low caps fit like a glove. I also understandthat the A4 stock option will be available soon, which I think I'll end up with.


Some people cant get past the fact that an out side air source that uses a hose is required, and well if youve got a desire for a little something more out of your airsofting. One word... ESCORT

Review by: FA-Chris aka Panzer13


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