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Chinese L96A1

Review date: February 25, 2007
Model: L96A1
Type: Spring Sniper Rifle

Chinese L96A1

Having been out of airsoft for nearly a year, I started looking into getting a gun to play with again. Price was a very large part in my decision. After some research I found that Chinese manufacturers have been making great progress in their products design and quality, while still maintaining prices that are a fraction of the cost as “name brand” airsoft guns. Being a long time airsoft sniper, I found what I believed to be my best option for maintaining a low budget while allowing me to successfully compete on the field with much more “equipped” players.


Ordering a Chinese clone was a new experience. As you most know, when you place an order you generally get a total immediately, pay for it, and soon you have an email letting you know that your order has been shipped. My experience was quite different. I ordered my rifle from which was an easy process on the website, but it requires “Gunner” himself to total your purchase (including shipping charges) and email it to you before you can pay. It took nearly 3 days after placing my order on the website to receive this email. Once I received the email and paid for my purchase, I heard nothing more from Gunner, but sure enough one week later, I had a package at the post office awaiting my presence.

First Impression

The gun came in a tightly packed Styrofoam mold with a cardboard sleeve over it. This was then wrapped in shipping paper and sent to me. The packaging could have survived the trip better, but the gun inside was perfectly fine. The outside box is fairly non-descriptive and simply saying “Warrior I Airsoft Rifle” on the outside.

Once the box was opened I found the rifle broken down into the stock, receiver/barrel, scope, and magazine all fitting into their own spot in the Styrofoam mold. The rifle also comes with a loader (clear pistol magazine styled one) un-jamming rod, high profile scope rings, two different sized Allen wrenches, and a small paper target.

Taking the rifle out of the mold I noticed there were no bolts anywhere to be seen to attach the receiver/barrel to the stock. After a quick examination I saw why there were none in the package. They are actually built into the stock, making it impossible to loose if you disassemble the rifle. Putting one of the included wrenches in the holes located behind the magazine well and behind the trigger guard will allow you to loosen and tighten these bolts. Once the rifle is together you can install the included scope rings and scope on the top of the receiver which has a built in weaver rail. Placing the magazine in the rifle completes it and you’re ready to sight your new toy in.

Everything on this rifle is metal except for the stock itself. Any sling or bi-pod attachments are metal, and the rifle does have the L96 specific bi-pod bracket installed. The orange tip painted on the end of the barrel scrapes off easily with your fingernail and no chemicals were even needed. The paint job on the metal parts is not the greatest. There are some defects in my paint on the receiver, and the barrel is slightly shiny. The plastic stock is not as heavy as the Maruzen’s, and definitely feels cheaper, yet not flimsy. The rifle feels very solid and well put together, with no creaks to wobbles anywhere. The magazine when directly compared to a Maruzen is actually of better quality. Inside the magazine well, directly in front of the magazine catch lever is where you can adjust the hop-up with the other included wrench. No disassembly, not even removal of the magazine is required to adjust the hop-up making it very user friendly.


It actually took me a while to test this rifle due to not having any ammo available to me. Once I did receive my order of Maruzen Super Grand Master .29g BBs it was right out to the back yard for some fun. After a few shots to adjust my scope I started to plink with it. I shot as a distance of 50’ and was hitting 1-2 inch groupings very easily. From the ease of cocking the rifle, I was expecting the rifle to be extremely underpowered despite what I read this rifle was shooting out of the box. To my great surprise, the rifle shot very well, and was not underpowered in the least bit. I did the cola can test, and the rifle shot cleanly through the bottom of the can, and dented the top enough to put a crack in the aluminum. This rifle packs a punch.

After my backyard testing, the rifle was put away until the February 17th Gator game. Once at the game I had access to a chronograph (thank Joel) so I could see what it was really shooting at. With .20g BBs the rifle shot three consecutive shots at 469fps. With the .29g grandmaster BBs it shot a consistent 419fps. Testing the range on the field, hitting man-sized targets on a moderately windy day at 200’ was actually fairly easy. I would also like to mention I haven’t made a single adjustment to the hop-up since I got the rifle. It appears to be set perfectly for the .29g BBs I’m shooting.

Durability and Maintenance

I’ve put around 250 rounds through this rifle, and as of yet I’ve had no issues or malfunctions with this rifle and feel comfortable with its projected durability.

Maintaining this rifle is fairly strait forward and easy, even for a novice airsoft player. Loosening the adjustable cheek rest and removing it from the stock will allow you to remove the bolt from the receiver without any disassembly of the rifle due to a very innovative improvement that I’ve only seen in this rifle. On the inside of the trigger guard is a latch that when pulled into the downward position allows the entire cylinder to slide out of the rear of the receiver. Making barrel cleaning, bolt lubrication and even upgrades to the spring extremely easy.


Upgrades are on par with any other airsoft sniper rifle, including silencers, upgraded springs, tight bore barrels, bi-pods, and many other accessories. I don’t feel this rifle needs ANY performance upgrades other than possibly a tight bore barrel to further increase accuracy.


The Warrior I was everything I read and hoped for. The rifle is not as high quality as a Maruzen L96 but it performs easily as well as its upgraded cousins, with only a fraction of the cost. For $160 shipped including the optics, there is no room for any complaints with this Chinese replica if the Maruzen L96A1 sniper rifle and it has enticed me to put a little more flexibility in my future airsoft purchases.


Review by: FA-Jeff


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