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CAW Revolver

Review date: April 12, 2007
Model: Revolver Grenade Launcher
Type: Gas shotgun/launcher
Manufacturer: Craft Apple Works
Retailer: Evike


So, I’ve had my fair share of obnoxiously fun airsoft toys. I was one of the first with the Airsoft Claymore, I stuck mini launchers all over my G36C, and I’m always swapping things out for something more fun. I’ve toyed with purchasing a Craft Apple Works (CAW) Revolver for a couple of years now, and decided since my work schedule has suddenly become whatever I want, my airsoft time is greater than it ever has been before, so I said “Why not?” I quickly scoured the internet to see who had one in stock, Cobra = nope, Redwolf = nope, Uncompany = nope. I then decided to google search it. Fortunately, my Firefox quick search was set to eBay instead of google and I found an auction from Magic Club (Evike). I quickly snapped it up and waited for it to arrive.

1 week later...

The following Monday I see the UPS truck roll up to the house. He approaches carrying two boxes. He drops them off, both from California and I am now intrigued. I open the smaller one first, it is my son’s birthday present from Grandpa, I toss it aside. I open the larger box, JACKPOT, it’s the Revolver. The box it comes in has foam inserts stuck inside to keep it from moving during shipping. It is a plain type box that has a sticker saying “CAW Revolver Launcher” as well as a picture of it. Inside the box was a cool 1 sheet calendar from Evike, as well as a “thank you” card (postcard type) with phone numbers and email addresses if there was a problem. There is no manual for the revolver.

I removed the revolver from the plastic bag it is packaged in inside the box and noticed the thing seems to be covered in Cosmoline – it is greasy! I wipe off the generous amounts of goo with a rag and take notice of the replica. It has a nice heft to it, which will feel even better when loaded. The frame is metal with the grip, revolver, and foregrip being the only plastic on it. The barrel has 3 weaver rails attached to it, while the top of the replica has a long one for a scope. It also has some painted trades on it. It is very simple to load, press down on the “rear sight” and the launcher folds in half, allowing you to load up to 6 M203 shells. Once the shells are loaded, you spin the revolver, winding it, so that when you fire one, the next one can move into position automatically.

How does it work?

Like I said above, you load the shells then wind the revolver so that it loads a shell into position after you fire it. There is a safety, push-button style behind the trigger, above the hand grip. Once you load it and wind it, you are ready to go. When you pull the trigger a button pushes the back of the shells allowing them to fire, while another lever turns the revolver upon its release.

It is very simple in its operation, just like many other airsoft grenade launchers, this one just has the capacity of holding 6 shells in one CQC type weapon.


The performance of this replica is based on the type of shell that is used, add into that factors such as shell capacity, gas used, and weather, and it will range from day to day.

I do find that winding the revolver and having it rotate with the trigger pulls is fun. But other than that, the CAW Revolver performs just like any other launcher on the market today, with the exception of being an uber-cool Terminator 3 weapon, and the initial scare factor itself is fun.


The only complaints I have is the shininess of the plastic parts of the unit. The revolver itself should have been metal, but overall it has a great feel. I am still happy about the purchase, and look forward to a CQB event where I can utilize it to its capacity.

Since this type of replica relies on the use of shell, I do plan on getting a few different brands of shells and writing a comprehensive comparison of those in the near future.


Review by: FA-Philip


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