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Tokyo Marui Colt CAR-15

The box of goodies Review date: 12/29
Model: Colt CAR-15
Manufacture: Tokyo Marui
Retailer: Precision Airsoft
Price with shipping: $312.50

First Impressions

The Steyr Aug, and the Colt CAR-15Since it is a medium sized AEG, I didn't expect it to be as heavy as my previous AEG (Steyr Aug). When I first picked up the box I noticed that it was actually heavy, in fact around the weight of the Aug. I opened the box up, and it looked really mean, although the stock was retracted so it kind of looked like a mini. I extended the stock, and in my own opinion, this makes the gun look allot better. Here is a size comparison of the CAR-15 (bottom), and the Steyr Aug (top).

Now the part that I liked most about the CAR, was that the stock is retractable. When it is fully extended it adds on 2.7 inches (70mm) to the overall length. To get the stock out, you simply flip a lever on the back of the stock, it is spring loaded so it pops back quickly, and locks into place, to retract it, you push the lever back and push the stock in.


When I picked it up I noticed that it seemed to be a pretty solid gun. The only noises that I noticed right away was that the front grip squeaked a little, but once some batteries were installed, it seems to have pretty much gone away. When the stock is out it can move left and right just a bit, and this sometimes cause a little squeak now and then.

It has a nice amount of metal parts. The whole front end of the gun is constructed of metal, and the flash hider, if you remove it is quite hefty. The mag release, trigger, charging handle, port cover, and firing selector are all made out of metal too. The core of the stock, and the back of it are made out of metal, while the middle is plastic. The only part I would have like to seen made of metal is the forward adjustment knob. The way it sticks out I am paranoid about it breaking off, I'm sure it would have to be dropped pretty hard to do this though. Also you get a nice 190 round hicap, which is made out of metal too.

Closeup of the M-16 receiverIt has a standard M16 receiver, which is nice and solid, the grip is really comfortable to hold, and the gun seems to be balanced fairly well. The hop up is located behind the port cover. If you don't have any fingernails, it can be a pain to flip down.

Testing it out

I really wanted to test it out, so I loaded the mag, threw in some batteries. To get the batteries into this particular Aeg, you have to pull down and out on the right hand side of the foregrip. It looks like there is just enough room for the mini Marui pack, but I chose to go with my own custom battery. This makes it a little tougher to fit the pack, and put the grip back on properly, but a little extra trouble is worth twice the battery run time. After getting the pack placed in correctly, I headed out to the back yard. I took aim at the shed and fired off a couple of shots in semi auto, Then I decided to try it full auto...Basically you get a solid white stream from the muzzle to whatever you are aiming at, I was impressed. This gun appears to have a higher rate of fire then my Aug does. I would like to one day like to see how fast an actual clip can be emptied out, as this gun seems to make quick work of the 190 round clip that comes with it.


Taken from the Tokyo Marui manual.

  TM CAR-15 Colt CAR-15
Overall Length 670 / 740 670 / 740
Weight 2500g 2500g
Barrel Length 247mm 254mm
Bullet Capacity 190 20
Ammunition 6mm BB 5.56mm x 45mm
Initial Bullet Speed 90m/sec 838m/sec
Auto Firing Speed 750-850 rounds/min 800-850 rounds/min


It has the M16 look in a compact package, and is really a sturdy gun. If you are looking for a medium sized AEG, And like the Colt family I would really recommend checking out the CAR-15.

Review by: Mikey502.


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