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Classic Army M249 AEG

Review date: July 21, 2005
Model: M249
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: Classic Army
Retailer: A.T.A.C. Airsoft

First Impression

Being that I have already written a review on TOP's version of the M249, this review will be more of a comparison of Classic Army to TOP.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the box, was the solid looking construction. There are no cheap looking parts on this gun. When I picked it up I immediately noticed the weight was almost half again as heavy as TOP's M249 version. Classic Army has replicated this copy piece for piece. Every part that is supposed to metal is actually metal, the same goes for the composite pieces as well. There is no loose play, barrel wobble or squeaks and creaks. This is by far the sturdiest airsoft gun that I have come across.

The Magazine

The Classic Army box magazine has been improved from TOP's original version. CA's new box magazines have a hardened plastic feed port as opposed to TOP's metal feed port housing. Most people would say that the metal would be preferable over the plastic, but that's not the case here. The original metal housing has a tendency to bend and get dents. The dents make for a rough time trying to lock the housing into the guns magazine well, as well as getting stuck when trying to remove it from the gun. TOP's M249 has a tendency to not accept standard magazines easily. I have noticed that it basically locks on to the guts of the magazines and rips them out when it is removed. The CA M249 on the other hand accepts and releases standard magazines very smoothly. NOTE: As in any case with M4 type weapons, CA guns do not feed properly with ICS magazines. CA's box magazine is much less noisy when electrically wound. It also features a locking on/off push button as opposed to TOP's push and hold style. This a great feature for the lovers of spraying and praying.


As opposed to TOP, there are too many CA accessories to list, but included are a skeleton stock, different colored furniture, RIS kits and more. The rest can be found at

Other Improvements over TOP

Want to talk about quiet? This bad boy sounds like it's suppressed. I couldn't believe how quiet it actually was. It's not the clanking sound that you would expect. The feature that I really like about CA version is the easy hop up adjustment. All you have to do is pop the cover and turn a wheel...that's it. Nothing like TOP. It doesn't take 10 mins. or allen keys, or even two people. Just pop the cover and turn the wheel. This is a lifesaver for anyone who has tried to adjust the hop up on the TOP M249.

The final thing that really makes this gun a remarkable improvement over TOP is the gearbox. Instead of a bellows system, the CA M249 sports a enclosed AEG type gearbox much like a TM AK47. This gearbox also resembles the PGC M249 Version II gearbox. The PGC gearbox is made to upgrade the TOP M249 to a more reliable system. This upgrade would cost $650.00 on top of the $1300 you would have already spent on a TOP M249. So not only are you getting a M249 for less than two thirds the cost, at $949.00, of a TOP series, but it already comes with the upgrades needed to make it worth the trouble. Overall this gun would be well worth the purchase due to untouchable improvements and quality.


Product Name CA249 MKII
Weight 6600.0g
Barrel Length 510 mm
Barrel Caliber 6.08 mm
Bullet Capacity 300 Rd
Bullet 6mm BB
Initial Bullet Speed 85 - 95 m/s
Battery Type Large Type 8.4v

Special Thanks

I would also like to thank ATACGUNS.COM for allowing me to write this review on their inventory.


Review by: PapaBear


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