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Classic Army CA36C AEG

Review date: December 18, 2004
Model: CA36C
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: Classic Army
Retailer: Total Airsoft
Price: $325


Classic Army has been making excellent full metal AEG's for some time now, their MP5 Series is one of the hottest selling full metal AEGs you can find. Classic Army has been toying with us with news of their 50+ lb M249, as well as news of their AK47.

November of this year they finally release a G36C replica. Branded the CA36C this AEG is made out of fiberglass, just like the real version of the gun.

New Model

Like the CA33E (HK33E), the CA36C AEG sold out in the US rather quickly. Preorders were taken and we made sure to order one for ourselves. There was some delay, which made us annoyed, but the end result is a fantastic AEG that challenges other models out in the market.


Now, this AEG is made out of fiberglass, and has a much more solid feel than a plastic model, you can tell right away that this is no hollow toy. The feel of the AEG has some nose guidance, meaning the front end is heavy, making you lead with it. This can be good, or bad, typically it makes you aim low, but with you leading with the AEG you know where your shots are going.

The rear stock is folding, with a tight lock in position.

The front grip has already preinstalled weaver rails, so outfitting it with a laser and light are no problem. Of course you can go the odd ball way and install a couple of Mos Molds launchers on it and have fun like me. A Mini type or G36 type battery fits in this fore grip. It is rather tight fighting, but Classic Army is making a larger fore grip kit, as well as the G36K rail to fit a large battery type.

The top rail/carry handle has iron sights built in, and is also made out of fiberglass so it has a real solid feeling to it.


Performance wise this AEG fires very well, the ROF is similar to the CA series of M15s. The AEG is preupgraded to shoot 310+ FPS out of the box (more on this in the Gearbox Section). I used this AEG for one of the monthly Gator Games and the ranges of targets were comparable to the CA33E, and M15 series of AEGs from Classic Army. On a calm day, I was continuously hitting a 2' x 2' target 225 feet away (roughly 75 yards).


The gearbox is an AK47 design; it has the top rail instead of screws to hold it together, as well as a motor chassis built in. To remove the gearbox you remove a mag well screw, as well as on behind the folded stock. This releases your lower receiver. Once this is done, two more screws to the gearbox must be removed, as well as 3 in the hand grip.

I cracked the gearbox less than 1 week of playing with it, and had not ever put an entire hi-cap worth of bb's thru it.

Upon opening up the gearbox, we are greeted with 7mm Oily Bearings, Reinforced Metal Gears, and a Reinforced Classic Army Piston. This AEG is preupgraded and shoots between 310 & 330 FPS out of the box. Now, you may be wondering about the differences in FPS. We shot 4 of them and this is the range of results between the 4. Of course battery life, amount of lubrication and other things can cause the difference. If it takes longer for the piston to retract, air can escape causing a weaker fire, as well as lubrication can cause suction as increase/decrease depending on which side it is on.

Mine personally shot 320 fps.

I had some extra parts lying around, so I installed a 190% spring in the gearbox. First this was hard, the tension made it hard to put the top of the gearbox on. I went outside and test fired it. It shot hard, so hard in fact I was deforming bb's and sticking them into a hedge in my front yard. I then decided to downgrade to a 120% spring, as well as install a Teflon Coated Systema Aluminum Piston & Piston Head. The 120% spring felt like it was still shooting hot, so I went ahead and backed it back down to the stock spring, while keeping the new piston & piston head. I chrono tested it with the new piston & piston head, and FPS remained similar. It is quieter now, I don't know if that has to do with the Teflon piston, but it is quieter.

I've numbered some points to the gearbox:

  1. 7mm Oily Bearings
  2. Trigger Mechanism, it is hard to get right, so I'm pointing it out.
  3. EG1000 CA Motor
  4. Fits into grooves on both sides of gearbox.
  5. Teflon Coated Systema Aluminum Piston & Piston Head.
  6. Lock for top of gearbox, only 1 screw above nozzle.
  7. Dust cover fits over a closed gearbox, in between 1 & 2.

Comparing the TM vs. CA

The AEGs of course have the same look, but the Classic Army model is heavier. You can tell a difference between the two when you pick them up. Even though the Marui is solid, you can tell when you pick up the Classic Army one that it is made out of something different. The TM one only comes with the bottom rail of the fore grip installed, while the CA comes with all 3 installed on the front end.

Also the TM is not upgraded, while the Classic Army one is.

Of course there is roughly a $50 US difference between the two AEGs. Either way, both of these AEGs have their advantages.


In conclusion I can highly recommend the Classic Army brand the 36C. It fires smoothly with a high rate of fire. The internals are solid, upgraded, and reinforced. It's performance on the field is exceptional, and the AEG is compact enough for CQB situations.

Technical information:
Length: 718/500mm (Stock folded)
Weight: 2,744g (without battery)
Barrel length: 247mm
Mag capacity: 50
High capacity: 470
Average fps: 310 fps


Review by: TA-Phillip


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego