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Airsoft Claymore ASC7

Review date: 07-01-2004
Model: Airsoft Claymore ASC7
Type: Mine/Booby Trap
Manufacturer: Supercell Development
Retailer: Total Airsoft


We have been watching this product come through the paces, and were highly interested in it as an addition to our Airsoft supply. When they finally began selling them we decided to pick a couple up.


A Claymore mine is a generic term for a round or rectangular directional fragmentation munition that can function either in a command-detonated or victim-activated mode. They are mostly mounted above ground level and are designed to have antipersonnel effects. However, some of the larger variants of this type can be used to damage light vehicles.

So what is the ASC7?

The ASC7 is a Spring Loaded, Electric Airsoft Claymore. It comes with a remote switch to detonate it. You can get the battery powered switch in lengths of 25', 50', 75', and 100'. We opted to go for the 25' switch, so that we could be relatively close when wounding our foes. The Claymore is powered by 4AA batteries that fit into the switch.

Out Of The Box

Upon delivery the two ASC7's were in individual boxes filled with packing peanuts. Inside each box were 1 ASC7 with the 25' remote pressure switch, a printed manual, and a manual on CD-ROM. We also opted for the Claymore Carry Bag.

The inner design of the claymore is pretty straight forward. Two arms are connected with a canvas pad. The arms also have a heavy duty spring connected to them. Two legs fold up under the ASC7, this is a benefit for placing it into the ground to stand on its own. There is also a safety pin at the top of the ASC7 to prevent any mishaps. You plug the remote cord into the claymore, then lead it to your hiding spot and await your foe.

The color of the mine is OD Green, and it is easily hidden in foliage. The casing is plastic, and on the back of the mine it reads that it is a "M-33 Practice Apers Mine." The front of the mine states "Front Towards Enemy."


I followed the instructions, pulling the safety pin, releasing the latch and folded both arms into each other, letting the canvas fold inside into a "U". You then close the cover to the ASC7, and re-latch it. Then insert your safety pin and begin to load it through a hole in the face. Loading is very simple, a pour bottle or speed loader works perfectly fine. The ASC7 will use a lot of bb's — you can fit 200+ inside it!

Detonation Time

Upon loading the ASC7, I went outside and set it up. The bb's launched in a spray pattern somewhere between 30-50 feet. The area of cover was greater than 10 foot. It does have a bit of a punch to it, so you do know that you've been hit.


The good thing about the ASC7 is that you can use bad, used, or damaged bb's. I am even toying with the idea of using popcorn kernels since it does use a lot of bb's.

The ASC7 is a very simple tool to use and aid you in Airsoft warfare. But it becomes a one time per game use, unless you bring a large stash of ammo with you out onto the field.


Review by: TA-Phillip


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego