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Maruzen APS2-SV

The APS2-SV by Maruzen is an airsoft replica of the Steyr SSG-PIV sniper rifle. When I unpacked my APS, I was surprised to see that it had been shipped disassembled. The barrel and bolt assembly snugly fits into the black synthetic stock and is secured by 2 screws. Assembled, the rifle is extremely solid, with no rattle or movement whatsoever. The stock rifle has the following features:

  • bolt action, spring powered, single shot
  • bull barrel with 'muzzle break'
  • non-adjustable hop-up
  • adjustable stock
  • all metal construction (except for stock)
  • scope rail for weaver mounts (no iron sights)
  • chronoes at 265FPS with .29g BBs
  • sling mount(rear) and swivel(front)

The original: Steyr SSG-PIV

Operating the gun is simple: first fill the magazine with 25 BBs with the included loading tool and insert the magazine. The mag well is located near the front of the stock. I had expected it to be closer to the trigger but, being an airsoft, I would guess that the whole section to the rear of the magazine is dedicated to the spring/piston mechanism. To charge the gun, flip the bolt handle up, and pull backwards until you hear a 'click'. Push the bolt forward to load the gun and flip the handle to its resting postion. Note that if the magazine is empty, the bolt will not go fully forward. Don't force it! Take out and check the magazine to make sure it's loaded. Sometimes, the mag will misfeed: I've had instances when the BB itself wouldn't push forward or the mag spring would get stuck. I've noticed that the APS 'prefers' higher grade BBs both in operation and in firing (more on this later). BBs seem to misfeed using lighter BBs (.25 and below), while .29g and above feed flawlessly. I would also recommend using silicone lubricant to make the action smoother and easier.

Shooting the APS is unlike shooting an AEG. The BBs get out there. No definite side by side comparison with my MP5SD6 range wise, but this baby shoots further. As you've probably heard by now, the APS2-SV has a non-adjustable hop-up unit. It is merciless on lighter BBs. The spin imparted is so high, these BBs are unpredictable in flight. Majority seem to just head straight up after 15 yards or so. As such, the recommended BB is the Maruzen .29g precision BBs. With these, the flight path is an arc -- like a real steal bullet. I haven't had the chance to try .3g or .36g so as soon as I get more information, you'll see it here. Lastly, don't forget that wind still is a factor with airsofts, even sniper rifles. Even with heavier BBs, I find myself using Kentucky windage to compensate every now and then.


  • SCOPE:
    The stock rifle is plain Jane. The very first thing that needs to be added is a scope. The APS does not come with iron sights so there's no way you can't aim it accurately. I picked up a Simmons 3-9x scope (about $27) from Wal-Mart with weaver rings ($12). Fits perfectly. No tweaking required. Later, I added flip up scope covers to protect the optics ($16 for the pair).
  • Sling:
    I added a padded sling ($10) because I'm lazy. With the sling and scope, it looks like a hunting rifle.
  • Bi-pod:
    Seems like a sniper rifle isn't complete without the bi-pod. Had to get one. Unfortunately, the APS is not bi-pod friendly. Usually, bi-pods use sling studs to attach to. The APS' forward sling mount does not use this. To attach a bipod, some work is required:
    • Materials:
      • Sling Stud (available at any shooting supply store -- $10)
      • Harris Bi-pod (or any bipod that attaches to sling stud -- $65)
    • Equipment:
      • Dremel tool
      • Hex wrenches
    • Procedure:
      • Disassemble the APS
      • Drill a hole into the forward section of the stock to accept the sling stud. Make sure that with the bi-pod attached, the bi-pod mount doesn't interfere with inserting the magazine.
      • Secure the sling stud
      • Attach the bi-pod. When done properly, the fit is snug, and the bi-pod is part of the stock. I've found that it's also more convenient to re-attach my sling to the bi-pod's sling attachment versus the APS' stock sling swivel.
DISCLAIMER: Florida Airsoft is not responsible for any damages or injuries incurred by anyone attempting to modify their equipment using these instructions! Always follow proper safety procedures when handling power tools.

  • The final product:
  • Future Upgrades:
    I'm not really sure yet, but here's what I'm planning soon:
    • spring upgrade
      This is a skirmish gun so I'm not really looking at a major spring... something that'll make it shoot .25g BBs at 450FPS max. Since I'll really be using .29g or .3g BBs, velocity should drop to around 400FPS. We'll see..

At the range:
Coming soon! I'm looking for an indoor range so I should have some real world performance to report soon. Check back for updates!

by Joey Araniego


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego