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A&K M4-S

Review date: April 9, 2007
Model: M4-S
Type: AEG
Manufacturer: A&K
Price (shipped): $119.98

Chinese Airsoft?

I have been out of the game for about a year now. After a year, I got the airsoft itch. I looked around for a gun for about a week. My eyes were first attracted to the M-14 series, but the price was quite unattractive. After that, my brother (Rain) told me about airsoft guns coming out of China. He explained to me that they claimed to be TM clones for about a third of the price. So I decided to go to and order what they called a Matrix M4 S-System. I later learned that they re-brand many Chinese airsoft brands into what they call Matrix. So my A&K M4 was on its way. The ordering was no different than any other airsoft. I decided to stay with a retailer here in the states due to high shipping cost from Hong Kong.

Initial thoughts and feel

My gun arrived while I was still at work, so I had my brother open it and give me an idea of its quality. He told me of how sturdy and rigid it felt, and how all of the work on it looked good. This only wanted me to get home sooner. When I finally got home and pulled it out of the box, his opinions were correct. I too, was impressed with how sturdy this gun felt, no wobble like I had expected. The gun came with a low cap magazine, a speed loader (hand type), a small screwdriver, a hex key, sling mount, battery and charger. I eyed the gun over, and then was disappointed. The only problem I have with this gun are the terrible trademarks. The trades simply say: A&K 7799 Made In China. This was quite annoying, but easy to get over. Everything on the gun seemed to be of decent quality. The RIS system is tightly secured on the gun; all seams and connections are put together well. The selector switch on the rifle is secure; it makes a crisp click sound between safe, semi, and full auto. The retractable stock feels identical to a previous M4 that I owned, the three-point stock that I had for it, fits perfectly. The RIS is made of high-impact ABS, but feels sturdy and durable.


This gun is advertised to be an exact TM clone, accepting all TM parts. I purchased a bi-pod with the gun when I ordered it. The bi-pod fits perfectly, without any modification. The gun comes with a blaze orange flash hider, but unlike some other Chinese, and even Japanese guns, it is metal and can be cleaned up for painting. The flash hider secures on with a setscrew, just like other airsofts. I took this flash hider off, remembering that I had a M60 flash hider from way back. The M60 flash hider fit perfectly, CCW threads, 14mm if I had to guess.


After looking and drooling, I put a battery in and loaded a mag. I headed for my back yard. Upon first shot, a bb bounced back and hit me. I continued to shoot at the fence, which turned out to be a bad idea. The gun shoots well, and does not mis-feed. The gearbox feels solid while being shot. This cemented my thoughts on the guns overall durability and quality.


If you are really skeptical about the airsofts coming out of the Chinese market, I would wait until you are more comfortable. But if you are looking for a decent quality gun at a great price, this may be the market for you. I will wait until this gun is battle tested to see it’s true durability before I order another Chinese airsoft. But I feel confident that I have made a good purchase. The upgrades are endless for this variety. The gun looks nice, and shoots well also. The only drawback is the trades, but I have been able to overcome that. For this guns price, it is a great value. To all of those clone-haters out there, remember this gun is not a TM, ICS, or CA, just food for thought.


Review by: RedSoldier


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