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A&K M249 Paratrooper

Review date: December 9, 2007
Model: M249 Paratrooper
Manufacture: A&K
Price: $389.30 (Shipped)

My History

I've been in the airsoft community for a while now and have used a P90, MP5-A3 and SR-15. I got out of airsoft for a year give or take when I moved back to Dallas, TX. Well I am back in Florida and back in the community and have spent the past 8 1/2 months trying to decide what AEG I want. FA-Tony was pushing me towards a SAW (he said SAW gunners don't run as much, long story short he lied).


Well after hanging out with Tony on a Saturday night and looking at all of his various guns I went online the next day and found a great deal on an A&K M249 Paratrooper (which is the one that Tony recommended because he had heard that they were reverse engineered from the Classic Army M249). After sitting on the fence for a few hours I decided to take the plunge and order the AEG. Now the hard part, waiting for it to show up in the mail.

The Retailer

After paying for it with paypal, I sent the retailer an e-mail and didn't expect an e-mail back until the next day (This was on a Sunday). To my surprise he replied pretty quickly. I had told him that I had a game coming up and offered me a few shipping options to guarantee it would be here in time for the game. I ended up having it shipped UPS Ground and he made sure it went out first thing Monday morning, even going as far as sending me the tracking number at 2:00am that day.

My First Impressions

After spending four days of checking the UPS tracking # every 2 hours my nerves were on end as I waited for the UPS driver to show up. FINALLY my new AEG arrived. The box it came in was a bit odd, it had "UK Arms NO: IU-M249 PARA" printed on the outside of the box in 3 different locations in a nice large font which I thought was quite interesting, I'm surprised that the AEG even made it to me on time considering what was printed on the outside. I opened the cardboard box and was in awe at how nice the aluminum carrying case was that housed my new prize. I've seen similar cases that have sold at $100 and it came with my AEG at no additional charge I held my breath as I opened the case and was very impressed by the AEG's appearance. The body is metal and seems to be high quality with only a few parts that are plastic. The parts that are plastic also seem to be of a very high quality. The most predominant plastic part is the front grip and doesn't creek or flex and has a nice solid feel to it. It looks and feels almost identical to SAW's that cost two or three times as much. The hopup is adjusted just like the CA version where you lift up the feed rail and the adjustment is made towards the front of the opening. The flash hider comes painted orange. It comes with U.K. Arms trademarks and is individually serial numbered. The iron sites are metal and the rear site is adjustable for height and windage adjustments in the field, the adjustments are made by two knobs that are very easy to access. The paratrooper version of the M249 comes with a retractable stock and a RIS rail, both are made of metal and seem very solid. The bipod is also metal but when it is set on the ground it has a tendency to slide out of the notches where it locks into position which can get a little annoying if you have to keep readjusting it. The box mag is a little tricky to get attached to the AEG just like the CA version but seems secure once you get it attached. I've been told by others who have the A&K M249 that the first generation came with a box mag that had problems but A&K seems to have fixed these problems in the 2nd generation. You can change the spring on this AEG just like the CA version by removing the stock and then pressing the button on the back and the spring guide will pop out for easy spring swaps.

Included Accessories

2500 round box mag, regular capacity M4 mag, 4000 BB's, high quality aluminum carry case, dejamming tool, battery, charger and speed loader.

Another's First Impressions

I had to pack it up and take it over to Tony's house so we could quick charge the battery and put it on a chrono. He has had quite a bit of experience with other SAW's and was very impressed with the quality of the build and how it fired. It chrono'ed between 340 & 360 fps. It came with an 8.4v 1100mAh mini battery with a rate of fire that was very nice and impressive, I was more than satisfied with the knowledge that I would be able to put quite a few rounds down range when I wanted to. It uses an exact replica of the Classic Army M249 gear box and seems to be an exact clone with the exception of a few very aesthetic small details.


My first game with my new M249 was the next day. Other than being very hard to carry due to the size and weight it was great on the field. I didn't adjust the hop-up the first day because I was told to put 500 rounds through it before I adjusted due to a quirk that could make the hop-up freeze if you didn't break the hop-up in properly. Even with a fully open hop-up I was getting an effective range that was on par with most stock AEG's. I can only imagine that once I get the hop-up tuned in properly I will be able to rival some snipers.

Wrapping Up

Other than this gun being a beast to carry on the field (Other players said they experienced the same thing when they first started carrying a SAW but got used to it after 2 or 3 games.) If I do have any problems with the A&K M249 I will be able to replace the gearbox twice and still end up below the cost of a CA M249. I am very satisfied with the purchase of my new A&K M249 Paratrooper AEG and would highly recommend it to somebody who is looking for a good quality SAW at an awesome price. I've only owned the AEG for 3 days so I don't know how it will hold up in the long run but I will do follow ups as time progresses.


  • Built like the Classic Army M249
  • Price
  • Impressive airsoft weapon
  • Included great accessories at no extra cost


  • Box Mag is plastic but does the job
  • Bipod position locking
  • Small battery compartment like the CA version


Review by: Bibbs


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