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Warhead 9mm Kit for ARs

Review date: June 24, 2004
Model: 9mm Kit for AR
Type: Conversion kit
Manufacturer: Warhead


I have been playing with the idea of making a 9mm AR-15 replica since long time ago but I never did (until now!) because the only kit available was always backordered everywhere and because the fact that the magazine retention system of that kit is sheer friction! But some days ago I saw a new kit, made by a Hong Kong company called Warhead, at Airsoft Atlanta including an Uzi magazine! I did not expected it to be top quality but priced at $30, I thought it was worth the risk... So, I ordered one.


Well, I am impressed! This kit comes with good instructions (including a template and a detailed diagram on how to modify TM Uzi magazines). They are not necessary but they are good. Installation is very straightforward:

  1. Insert the magazine adapter into the magazine well
  2. Replace the magazine release knob for the provide cap

And that is it!

I installed it first into a G&G metal body without any problem. Later I try to install it into a Systema metal body and fount that it fits very tight so I used silicone spray and that did the trick. Also I tested it on a TM plastic body (without internals) and found no fitting problems. Warhead says (in the package) that this kit will also fit on a Classic Army body.

I decided not to install the magazine release cap because its only function is to prevent the accidental ejection of the magazine adapter, which is something I doubt, will happen with the Systema body.

Magazine Adapter

The Magazine Adapter looks well designed. It actually allows the Uzi magazine to be placed in the right position: the center of the magazine well.

The magazine retention system works like the G-36 and the MP-5 and it actually works well. The magazine is hold in place by two ball bearings that goes into two holes (one on the top rear, the other on the front) in the magazine.

Quality wise, the Magazine Adapter is made of a cheap plastic, (which may be the reason to include the cap: to avoid it to be accidentally ejected over a hard surface!) but, since it will be protected by the AEG body I do not think this will be a problem.


The magazine is made of the same cheap black and shiny plastic, so it is very light weight and feels fragile. Even the noise it makes when it is shaken sounds cheap. It is supposed to hold 40 BB’s but I was only able to load 18 in it on the first 3 attempts. After that I was able to load 32 BB’s.

On the firing range

I put about 200 round (Excel .2g, full auto) through the kit without any feeding problem. Of course, 200 rounds are a very little test so time will tell.

The feeding channel on the Magazine Adapter holds 5 BB’s so I got only about 20 BB’s per magazine load.


I was not disappointed with the kit because I was no expecting much. I actually like the Magazine Adapter because it opens new possibilities of customization for the M16 series and it works well enough. But regarding the magazine, well, I will not use it in a skirmish (very low capacity!) and it is horrible for a display gun!


Review by: Draken


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© Copyright 2004 by Lance Eppley & Joey Araniego