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FA Player Registration

Fill out this form to register your name in the FA Players database and to post on the FA Forums. You can also choose your favorite background so that they appear on every page on this site. If you are from the state of Florida, choose your region from the Region list, otherwise just leave it as "Out of state". Fill out as much of the form as you like but you are required to fill out the items marked with an *.

Rules of Engagement

Since common sense and courtesy are not universal, here are some guidelines you must read before starting your profile on this site:

  • Racist, ethnic, or other slurs are not tolerated
  • Do not post other peoples personal information
  • Do not post the same message to multiple threads
  • Commercial vendors should limit their posts regarding their goods and services to no more than twice a month
  • If you are under 18, do not post about selling, buying, or playing airsoft or owning airsoft.

If you are under the age of 13, you are not allow to participate on this website.

Remember, only the items marked an * are required.

*User name:  
*Choose a password:  
*First name:  
Last name:  
*Date of birth:   Year (ie. 1972):  
ICQ number:  
AOL Instant messager:  
(if not in the USA):
(if in Florida):
Favorite service:  
Airsoft owned:  

Regions Key:

= Panhandle
= Northeast
= Central
= Southwest
= Southeast


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