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SR Magicsdaddy       Posted: 13:29:00 on 07-06-2008
Are there any players or games near the Gainesville area that anyone knows of?


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 15:02:00 on 07-06-2008
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We have a group in Gainesville. We're sort of less active in the summer cause everyone is gone.
Check out the Gainesville airsoft FACEBOOK group, there's several so look for one with ~50 members.
There's Diamondback in two weeks, some of us are going.

PS. Forgot the bit about facebook, sorry

Best wishes,


SR Rob24       Posted: 20:14:00 on 07-21-2008
I live about thirty minutes north of G-vill, my friends and i would love to get in contact with anyone that wants to play. We usaly end up playing two on one.


PFC jeeves       Posted: 09:39:00 on 07-23-2008
I play with a crew in Clearwater and a few of the guys are from g-ville. I'm not sure if you would be up for a drive like that but there are 3-4 guys who make the trip whenever more than one of them can come. Maybe you could car-pool with them or something. I'll try and contact them.


CPL hackett       Posted: 10:42:00 on 07-23-2008
Please Please please guys, Don't play in view of the public or on land you don't have the right to be on, regardless of whether you've gotten caught or not. I stress this as this is one of the biggest threats to the sport in FL.



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