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PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 13:03:00 on 03-06-2005
I have been playing with this idea for the longest of time; I know it probably has been discussed hundreds of times.

I have been looking for a Vietnam War Reenactment group that is based here in the state (to no avail), so why not build a Vietnam War Reenactment/Airsoft group? I mean with everyone getting their kicks at airsofting using modern themes, why not make a period dedicated group to replicate Vietnam War battles and make it as realistic as possible, history-wise.

Weapons are not a problem since most of us have airsoft M16s (the modern variety, i.e. M4A1, SR16, M733); and other era weapons like AK-47s, M79s, M60s, M1911s, M870 shotguns and even M-14s (G&G is releasing one soon) are already available in airsoft form from several manufacturers. Also, era equipment is easy to find on the gun shows as well as on eBay, plus there is plenty of available data on the subject all over the place in books, videos, personal experience from our veterans to ensure historical accuracy.

I am planning to see if I can build my own "Vietnam" setup, including building my own Model 602 rifle and perhaps getting an M-79 from CAW. If you think this is a good idea, then we must meet and talk, you can contact me at my email or call me at (321)276-5723.

Only 18 and above, please.


CPL Vermaxx       Posted: 19:01:00 on 03-06-2005
This message edited. 2005-03-06 20:47:00
On third thought my whole post is unnecessary!


CPT FA-Phillip       Posted: 20:04:00 on 03-06-2005
"Weapons are not a problem since most of us have airsoft M16s (the modern variety, i.e. M4A1, SR16, M733); and other era weapons like AK-47s, M79s, M60s, M1911s, M870 shotguns and even M-14s (G&G is releasing one soon) are already available in airsoft form from several manufacturers."

As far as "people dishing the money on new stuff just for a game or so"

He is not asking everyone to do this, he is trying to get in contact with other people that have this same idea, and would like to participate in reinactments on a regular basis.

I disabled some posts so as to not bring this out of the loop. The main thing in not to downplay his idea due to costs, and or weapon restrictions. IF you don't have the materials, or can't afford it, or don't like his idea, don't post. He only wants people with interest to post.

I personally think it is a great idea, and just like he said, the material is available. Good Luck!


PFC Woody       Posted: 22:35:00 on 03-06-2005
This message edited. 2005-03-07 00:49:00
oh i do think it would be a great idea i just got mislead somewhere...

next question is finding the wooded area to look like the jungle but yea i would be up for it....


A1C S.Bartorillo       Posted: 00:41:00 on 03-07-2005
This message edited. 2005-03-07 00:54:00
yea its a great idea heavily wooded areas are the thing to find


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 00:53:00 on 03-07-2005
Thanks Phillip; at least somebody sees it like I do.

I just need people that will be interested, I want to take airsoft to the next logical step; is easy to buy an AEG, deck it out with scopes and such, put on a set of BDUs and voila, instant Navy SEAL; I want to form a group that will do things as historically accurate as possible; wear period accurate uniforms and gear, conduct themselves the way an infantry unit would in the field, move, shoot, communicate like an actual infantry unit would and deal with situations like a unit in the bush would.

Equipment can be purchased online or in surplus stores easily, the uniforms can also be purchased through online stores that cater to reenactment groups; I know there are publications that cater to reenactment groups and provide everything from fatigues and boots, to web gear, personal items and such.

I am aware that doing this will cost money; but considering that some people invest a lot of money on their airsoft guns (you know who you are), I figure, why not try to create something that can be even more realistic and perhaps we can even learn a bit of military history in the process?

I am still interested in hearing from you guys on this; if you feel like this is a good idea, then call me or email me.

I hope to hear from you all.


PV GHILLIEOPS       Posted: 10:08:00 on 03-07-2005
i also like the idea it is not difficult to find vintage uniforms or look a likes
if you were to buy tiger stripe uniforms you better hurry they are being fazed out due to new marpat (digicam) style
i'm new to airsoft looking for a team near sarasota venice nort port or port charlotte area
i think nort port would be the ideal area but we would have to meet though for me to show you


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 10:31:00 on 03-07-2005
I think this is a great idea. I personally have as of late gotten really interested in Vietnam era special forces, LRRPs and the Mobile Guerilla Force and the like, and I'd kinda like to see it done in airsoft. That said, Tiger, I think you might need to compromise a bit on the realism bit as far as weapons go. I mean, I can see the need for some degree of authenticity (i.e., some sort of rule like- if a version of the weapon didn't exist during the war, it can't be used), but I think that we can use our imaginations and say: that M4 is a XM-177E2, or something like that. At least at first, because I doubt people are willing to spend the money on a period-accurate AEG when they're not even sure they want to do this.


CPT FA-Phillip       Posted: 11:26:00 on 03-07-2005
Well the post original post does not say that everyone has to have "accurate" AEGs.

Quote from above "Weapons are not a problem since most of us have airsoft M16s (the modern variety, i.e. M4A1, SR16, M733);"

So if you are interested you wouldn't have to invest in another AEG. Of course the people that have more $$ would probably be more interested anyways. Procuring the uniforms, and authentic stuff, could be a new collectible hobby.


PV2 Dagger       Posted: 15:56:00 on 03-07-2005
A Vietnam era re-inactment would be great! I'd be one of the first to sign up for a Leaping Lena OP. One problem though might be in finding players that will spend money to deck themselves out in NVA or VC attire and weapons. Not a show stopper, but I can see a game where everyone shows up as a LRRP. You would definately have to coordinate teams ahead of time.


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 18:29:00 on 03-07-2005
Hey..It's POINTMAN for SEAL...

I brought up this concept to several SEAL members about a year ago..but it never really got off the ground. From my point of view, Vietnam is the PERFECT era to play for us here in Florida. I would love to help you out in anyway possible, so shoot me and email if you want to discuss some aspects of this..(my email is in my Profile).

I tried to scan and read most of the posts here and wanted to add my own logic here...sorry if someone has already posted these points.

1:Pretty much every airsoft weapon would work, depending on how strict regulations would be, you could even allow weapons the look similar to vietnam era weapons...just no G36, P90,or other Bullpup designs.

2:What better climate to recreate Vietnam than Florida. We have the heat, the Rainforest and even the mosquitos. I know groups that make scenarios in the Baltics and then expect players to 'feel' the scenario in 90 degree weather. It's hard to think that you're in Czechoslovakia when you're sweating to death in a tropical jungle.

3: for those that dont want to give up the modern tactical look; Most uniforms would be OD, Black or Tigers and any of these, with a tac-vest and gear, will look completely tactical for modern and CQB games.

Just some of the points...I could go on for ever on scenarios and what I'll shut up.

I am thinking of forming a WW2 group (or atleast a WW2 impression), but I could work a Thompson into a Vietnam game...I also was able to put a ALICE rig for under $30 from a local surplus gear is not too expensive.

Black mentioned you couldnt find any groups,but here's a list I came up with while researching my WW2 stuff...I believe some of these are in Florida.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 20:42:00 on 03-07-2005
Thanks Pointman! Very good data here; I am getting to buy a complete VIetnam era M1956 ALICE Gear. Now, I figure I want to limit the weapons to actual Vietnam era weapons ONLY; older weapons like M1 Carbines and M1A1 Thompsons were used in the early stages of the war, mostly sold to the ARVN and carried by military advisors, so they can be used as well to make it as realistic as possible; the key here is historical accuracy. I don't expect anyone to drop their M4s and MP5s and invest more money in buying a new weapon, just for this; I guess we can allow more modern weapons until we can get the weapons online; I don't have any Vietnam era weapons of my own, but I am more than willing to wait until I can have it and maybe even trade some of my own current weapons to get one.

I want to take this in phases, well call them the "Crawl", "Walk" and "Run" phases.

CRAWL (Recruitment and Analysis)
Get the date together, try to choose a unit that we can replicate to the last detail, try to find enough people to make a good platoon, maybe even a company sized group of people that are willing to invest time and effort into this.

WALK (Logistics & Intel)
We lay the tactics down, get the weapons, equipment and supplies to make the group work; try to get ideas from actual veterans and visit the Vietnam War Museum in town to get some more ideas; also try to contact Army Surplus stores that can help us in acquiring period accurate equipment

RUN (Field Application)
Once we have the tools manpower, then we can start doing practices, run scenarios and try to operate like an actual unit.

Now, I don't expect this to happen overnight; this will take time, effort and money to get this, but if we put enough motivation to this, we can maybe, just maybe turn this idea into a good reenactment group that can properly pay homage to the heroes of that forgotten era the way they truly deserve.

I hope and pray that I can get this thing off the ground and make it work.

I hope you guys share my enthusiasm (I know POINTMAN does :D)


1LT Scorpion       Posted: 21:05:00 on 03-08-2005
VN era re-enactment. Sounds good, I can identify with that war; but, what besides uniforms and weapons would the difference be from the games we do now. I'm not being synical, just curious.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 22:37:00 on 03-08-2005
This message edited. 2005-03-08 23:00:00
Not much really, Scorp. Everyone knows the drill, is just trying to make it even more realistic by trying to put some uniformity into the games; everyone agrees on one standard for everything, from uniforms and gear to weapons.

I mean, I want to make it to a point where everyone wears the same type of uniforms, the same types of equipment and weapons; we delegate the special weapons to certain individuals according to the Modification Tables of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) for an actual infantry unit in VIetnam, for example, on a typical infantry squad, you have one radio man, one machine gunner with an assitant machine gunner and a grenadier, everybody else is a "grunt" and carries an M16A1 rifle; the squad leader (usually a lieutenant) and the squad NCO (usually a Staff Sergeant or Sergeant FIrst Class) carry a 1911 pistol in addition to his rifle; another option is for the senior NCO or officer to carry an XM-177 instead of the M16.
Here's a handy link on the weapons used by both sides of the conflict, it should help out a lot.


LCpl TFH-The_Odore       Posted: 22:50:00 on 03-08-2005
If your going to do a VN reenactment then missions need to be geared to the US owning the day and the VC owning the night.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 23:02:00 on 03-08-2005
I agree; night patrols can also be planned, with VC "Sappers" trying to breach the "wire" and attack the base camp, but that would require us to actually have a "firebase" to protect; so we will plan according; right now, I want to set the stage and try to gather those interested first.

But is an excellent idea that should be part of the plans.


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 23:14:00 on 03-08-2005
I originally thought that it would not only give airsoft players a way to go out an kick ass, but also get them interested in history. The way that I wanted to run things when I was trying to get things started was to use actual missions and campaigns that happened during the war. Try to do things the way the US troops did and see if history repeats itself or if there were different options.

It would be easy to write up a scenario for a day based on events such as Dong Ap Bia (aka Hamburger Hill)...or any other Ops. That's when talking to Vets comes in real handy to get the true story and their insight.

Most re-enactors like to dress up and play soldier like most airsofters, but what sets them apart form us is that they seek out the history of the event and research it to learn from it. It just seems to me that there is something rewarding about that sort of enthusiasm.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 09:33:00 on 03-09-2005
Couldn't agree more. That's exactly what I am looking for in the reenactment group; I want people to learn about the historical aspect of the event and hope that we can all take something valuable out of the experience.

Learning from the past is always a great way to improve the future. Plus kicking ass is always good X3


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 10:29:00 on 03-09-2005
I'd just like to say that, having done it before, I refuse to carry the radio. It's not gonna happen.

Again, though, I do love the idea.


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 14:35:00 on 03-09-2005
You dont need to carry the can carry the 2000 dummy rounds for my M60....

Seriously, if we can get a working era could be put to good use, but we would certainly have to re-evaluate the rule on counting gear as 'hit' spots. I know most groups require a FRS radio, but it would be good to go back to basics and have a Radio man in a squad and learn to communicate without a FRS radio....Frankly, most players have poor, if any, radio discipline skills.


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 15:29:00 on 03-09-2005
Man, not even the radios my ROTC battalion has work. You'll be hard pressed to find a working PRC-25 or PRC-77.

I'll carry your dummy rounds. I'll just dump them as you use your M60. Remember, realism.

I personally like how ROTC trains with the PRC-77, but we'll never use it in the real Army. Except at Ranger School, who use it because it weighs more than the newer radios.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 21:42:00 on 03-09-2005
"Pricks" (PRC radios) are easy to find on eBay, just look for them; a lot of the Ham radio fanatics have them for sale, complete.

About being assistant gunner; that would work awesome; have a two man machine gun team, one with the M60 and the other with belts of dummy ammo that can be swapped in intervals to siumulate sustained fire.

Now that's the spirit, keep it comuing, I want this to succeed and I'll need your input and ideas.


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 21:55:00 on 03-09-2005
How would we manage insertion/extraction for the US forces? I mean, I think it'd kick ass if we could have Hueys, but I doubt it. Would we just do foot insertion, or have some way to simulate helicopter insertion?


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 09:48:00 on 03-10-2005
That is something we can arrange in the future, but for now let's keep it simple; we walk into the area and we walk out of the area, just like a patrol would do.


CPL PP Boy       Posted: 00:24:00 on 03-11-2005
This message edited. 2005-03-11 00:25:00
So, were can we play is still the question. I have an Ak and am intrested in playing. Anyone know any sites were I could order look a like VC unifroms? Awesome idea Black Tiger


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 03:09:00 on 03-11-2005
I had one in my Favorites, but I lost it...I'll look for it later. It's a business based out of Coorado I think, but they get their product from Vietnam directly...


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 16:37:00 on 03-11-2005
This message edited. 2005-03-11 16:49:00
Well, found this link on VC/NVA gear and equipment from a US Army MP Brigade that was over there. It details all the uniforms, equipment and gear that was used by the enemy back then; here it is:

This should help you guys out in choosing the right gear.

And I also found a link for VN era uniforms; is this the link?

And this retailer in Texas specializes in camo uniforms and gear from all over the world, good selection of Vietnam era uniforms from all sides.

Hope this helps.


CPL PP Boy       Posted: 18:10:00 on 03-11-2005


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 21:47:00 on 03-11-2005
I'm still looking for that site I mentioned, but havent found it...

I did find this for you Black Tiger...


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 12:48:00 on 03-12-2005
Nice, but this is up in Cali, might as well make one for us in the East Coast. Might find some good info here, thanks.


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 12:58:00 on 03-12-2005
Are we gonna go with full realism? As in, once we get this fully set up, will we need era-correct uniforms? I'm just seeing if buying an OD or Tiger-pattern BDU set (current BDUs) would work, or if I need to find period-accurate uniforms.


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 14:54:00 on 03-12-2005
Most groups have I have seen will allow you to wear non-period clothing and items for the first year or so, to allow time to get the period clothing and gear. Any re-enactment is not cheap and should be done by those that are willing to spend a little extra for authentic items, but it's the hunt for gear and uniforms and the research involved that make it worth will probably be more informed about era gear than any airsofter out there.

Like I stated before, I personally am looking towards the WW2 aspect of re-enactment and thw WW2 airsoft association has a way that they classify their skirmishes...this is it:

****Skirmish Classifications****
In order to facilitate ease in communication and clarity in Skirmish Style, the WW2AA classifies Skirmishes into these categories:

Blue - Completely mixed game. Anyone is invited to participate regardless of uniform or weapon (modern or WWII). These are designed as informational meets to get re-enactors and airsofters in the game together. WW2AA members are by requirement CAA members and as such may attend any CAA event in their WWII Impression or not.

Green - WWII Impression required. Modern weapon may be used. Complete kit authenticity not enforced. Mixed units allowed within same alignment (always Allies vs Axis).

Yellow - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is not enforced. Mixed units allowed within same alignment.

Amber - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is not enforced. Unit integrity is required; i.e. squads or larger must be of same historical unit affiliation. Individuals from other services or nationalities may be attached to these core squads.

Red - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is enforced. Unit integrity is required. At least one full squad of the same historical unit is required in order to play.

This could be modified and applied to Vietnam era games...


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 20:23:00 on 03-12-2005
OK, that makes sense. I like that idea.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 11:39:00 on 04-26-2005
I agree with POINTMAN on the color system; it can absolutely be modified for Vietnam Era scenarios; a very good point indeed.

Good post.


1LT Mac       Posted: 10:23:00 on 05-05-2005
This message edited. 2005-05-05 10:26:00
VC and NVA recently came up on the Red Alliance forums. Here's a great uniform source for the OPFOR...

Was telling the lads it'd be a blast to get a bunch of VC gear... since we already have the AKs... and run around sometime wreaking havoc as the Cong.


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 12:09:00 on 05-05-2005
Hey, that's a great idea Mac; have one group dedicated as a VC Guerilla Force on NVA Regular Force to be the "thorn" on the backside of the US Forces at any game. I was contacted by a guy in Port St. Lucie that ius offering a site that closely resembles the Vietnam Countryside that we could use to do our ops from.

Unfortunately, I lost his number, so if you are reading this, post your number here, so we can get something organized.


1LT Mac       Posted: 08:49:00 on 05-06-2005
This message edited. 2005-05-06 08:49:00

Putting the fear of Uncle Ho in the western capitalist dogs, one dog-face at a time.



SSG Goodbusiness (HA)       Posted: 16:07:00 on 05-06-2005
This sounds great I'm in!


CPT FA-Phillip       Posted: 17:09:00 on 05-06-2005
Too bad Mac, it doesn't look like and of those VC uniforms will fit guys like you & I.

I mean a VC large is a US Small? - that would be tighter than me in my spidey costume, and I know some of you guys like that.


2LT 23AI-Perkins       Posted: 17:59:00 on 05-06-2005
"that would be tighter than me in my spidey costume"

-Shudder- Thats Scary.


2LT FA-Brad       Posted: 22:14:00 on 05-06-2005
All your base are belong to us.


LCpl TFH-The_Odore       Posted: 23:21:00 on 05-06-2005
This thread will never die


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 02:36:00 on 05-07-2005
We definitely have to make this work; everyone's all pumped up for this, myself included. As for the Black Pajamas? I dunno, plenty of Vietnamese folks down on Colonial that could help out on this.

As for this thread...


(jumps into the bush and goes into "About to go Medieval on unexpecting VC Monkey" Mode)


1LT Mac       Posted: 18:00:00 on 05-07-2005
Phillip... Actually I think we can use the black pajamas. Large size is 48 chest and either a 40 or 48 waist (obviously mean to be cinched up) Seems like they're goofy short in the instep... but maybe that's accurate... but I *think* the guerilla uniform is made in larger sizes. It's the surplus NVA uniforms that are for smaller people.


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 20:34:00 on 05-07-2005
This message edited. 2005-05-07 20:34:00
I dont want too much from the authentic vibe...but if you guys are worried about the inseem since both of you guys are a little on the taller size, just get a black pair of BDU pants...I'm sure Mac has to have a pair lying around from the Shadowcell days...

As for waist and chest...48 checst and 40 waist are pretty damb big..I'm a big guys, and by big I mean big fatass..and even thoses will fit me.

I'm already working on my VC gettup and talking to a friends father that was with the Rangers in Vietnam from (I think) '66-'70...trying to get tips on missions and VC tactics.


PV ElectricSheep       Posted: 23:13:00 on 05-07-2005
Any ideas on an American unit to replicate? I mean, if we want to be realistic, shouldn't everyone being an American be either from the same unit or from units that interacted?

My suggestion would be the 101st. It seems to me that the 101st gives us the most breathing room for different unit types. In the division alone, we've got straight infantry, we've got Pathfinders, and we've got LRPs. Because of their AO, the 101st dealt and cooperated with SF, Tiger Force, Mobile Guerilla Force, CIA and SOG guys, all sorts of people.

Just my two cents.


WO1 POINTMAN       Posted: 23:35:00 on 05-07-2005
That would be a solid could also have advisors that wouldnt necessarily be from the unit, but as long as most players are part of the 101st, it should be good...

If we seriously decide to work on that, I would plan on building 2 US and one VC.Then it would be time for me to look for a M16Vn :)


Prv AnthraX       Posted: 05:27:00 on 06-16-2005
i stubled across this this morning
is Team Saigon the look your looking for ?


PFC Skyking (D.V.8)       Posted: 09:20:00 on 06-16-2005
Those are some pretty cool pictures. I grew up watching tour of duty and always enjoyed that Vietnam era of combat. Can we get a surplus Huey somewhere???:)



PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 10:27:00 on 06-16-2005
I think the 101st AB is a good choice for a group to replicate; my uncle was a door gunner with the 101st back in VIetnam and one of my friends was a 101st soldier and served in Haiti, before that, he was a Ranger in Panama.

As for uniforms, you could have somebody make some pajama like uniforms locally, just ask any Vietnamese seamstress over on SR50 to do them for you. As for weapons, using some TM M16VNs or make them using G&P parts is okay; add a few M79s, some G&G M14s, an M60DX or two, and some WA SCW M1911s and we are good to go.


LCpl TFH-The_Odore       Posted: 10:43:00 on 06-16-2005
This thread will never die


Prv AnthraX       Posted: 15:55:00 on 06-16-2005
door gunners had the highest mortality rate in vietnam.


PV DIRTYDAVE-OM-       Posted: 23:45:00 on 10-12-2005
Any Vietnam Airsoft or Paintball groups in Florida does anyone know?


PV2 Black Tiger       Posted: 13:08:00 on 10-13-2005
Not yet; I am trying to assemble a small group that want to make one; interested?



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