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CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 20:19:00 on 11-19-2014
If you're visiting this site, please let us know! New members, old members. Put in your name below.

Thank you!


SgtMaj FKM Reaper       Posted: 15:49:00 on 11-22-2014
I try to stop in a least 2-3 times per week. I would love to see more traffic flow on here!


1LT SEM GhostBrother       Posted: 15:37:00 on 11-26-2014


A1C Mindwerkz       Posted: 05:26:00 on 11-27-2014
This message edited by Mindwerkz. 2014-11-27 05:28:00
I'm here. Just posting something on Facebook about airsoft so I decided to poke my nose in here and link any friends who were interested. I take a peek in here a couple times a year nowadays. I really miss the old games that Demo would run several years back. If I saw stuff like that going on, I'd totally get more involved again.

Also I'm working on getting a gunsmithing shop open by Spring hopefully. I'd be happy to offer such services to the airsoft community too (I'll need to really mess around with a few first before I start offering anything serious internals-wise though).
This is the best online presence I have so far:


SN TFH-Adaminex       Posted: 01:40:00 on 02-13-2015
I had to search for myself in the players section to find my login hahah, I think the last time I logged in was back in 08'

Still have my old airsoft gear and I'd like to get back into it. Gun doesn't seem to work at the moment though so gotta figure out what's wrong with it first before I can start playing.


Prv ImaJoker       Posted: 23:43:00 on 03-03-2015
Hey guys. Just moved down here to pcola. Im 23 and just got out of the marines. I used to play alot and i just ordered all new gear. Would love to get back into it and im available to play anytime


Prv albent43       Posted: 15:48:00 on 03-04-2015
Hey everyone.

Used to browse this site way back when, I never really posted anything. Wound up stumbling upon my old airsoft gear a few weeks ago and started diagnosing what needed to be fixed out of boredom I suppose.

It looks like things have changed a bit, but I liked this site when it was active. I'll be sure to stop in and contribute, and when the guns are in good shape I'm looking forward to playing again.


PV n0b0dy       Posted: 16:15:00 on 03-11-2015
Brand new here. Still curious about airsoft. I don't know much about it. I am in Gainesville FL and I don't know if there are any fields close by. I will be stopping by to see what is going on. I am hoping to get into some games. I know a few guys who have SMGs and pistols for right now.


MSG Holliday (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 21:17:00 on 04-15-2015


Capt. FA-Tony       Posted: 18:49:00 on 04-17-2015
Holiday!! Whats up?

send me an email so I can give you a call


Prv Fade (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 09:44:00 on 04-29-2015
yoo gettin back in the game. this place still alive?


CPT FA-Caffeine       Posted: 16:24:00 on 05-02-2015


Cpl kuwha       Posted: 22:40:00 on 05-03-2015
I havent stopped by here in a while but nice to see that its still alive


Prv Catbird       Posted: 19:07:00 on 06-24-2015
Hey guys. Currently living in the Chicago suburbs, but I'll be moving to somewhere around Daytona inside of the next year.
Brand new to the community. I'm what you'd call an enthusiast. :D

I build most of my own guns nearly from scratch, using just the skeleton of a stock clone to make a scary, huge and effective weapon system.


CPL Vermaxx       Posted: 20:49:00 on 01-17-2016
Holy god this is a password I haven't used in years. Not really using the site these days but I decided to check in again. Mostly I'm on facebook. That's where Mac does all his Mindgame advertising.

Does Demo ever host anything anymore?


PV DBAA       Posted: 21:11:00 on 01-28-2016
This message edited by FA-Caffeine. 2016-11-22 12:38:00
Just started a new group. Website is ...

please leave your contact info and check the website for updates.... the website is very bare right now because is was just created so please bare with us.

we are located in volusia county florida but we travel.

EDIT: it let me add the "t" :) -Caffeine


AB OneBound       Posted: 20:29:00 on 02-29-2016
18/yo designated marksman located in Tallahassee, if you'd like me as a part of your team/squad let me know.


Prv Alpha_Foxtrot       Posted: 10:25:00 on 11-14-2016
Checking in, is this place active at all?


CPT FA-Caffeine       Posted: 12:34:00 on 11-22-2016
Not really. Most of the action has moved over to Facebook groups. Even Mind-game Productions shut down their website forums. It's all Facebook now.



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