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CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 22:29:00 on 04-08-2014
If you're a returning member or you've just happened to stumble onto this site, please say hello. At one point this was the hub for airsoft in [Central] Florida and as time went by so did players and their lives outside of dodging 6mm plastic.

Check out some threads, take a look at any games or events that might be posted.

Welcome to Florida Airsoft!


Capt. FA-Sergio       Posted: 20:47:00 on 04-15-2014
Hi :)


Prv Rennis       Posted: 02:05:00 on 04-21-2014


1LT SEM GhostBrother       Posted: 20:35:00 on 04-21-2014
What up my slinger's?


PV anonymouse       Posted: 03:50:00 on 04-25-2014
hi, stumbled onto the site and am new to airsoft. glad you are regrouping!


SGT Ray       Posted: 21:16:00 on 05-08-2014


Capt. FA-Sean       Posted: 19:32:00 on 05-10-2014


1LT Scorpion       Posted: 14:03:00 on 05-14-2014
Scorpion ready.


PV2 VARIABLE       Posted: 01:18:00 on 05-15-2014
I haven't been to a game in at least 6 years. I have been in the Army. I got to see Iraq, Germany, and Kuwait. I would like to start playing again.
I live in South Florida. Is Demo still putting on amazing games?



Capt. FA-Sergio       Posted: 19:57:00 on 05-15-2014
Hmmm it's been a very-very long time since Demo ran a game. There are other folks - MGP comes to mind.

Not sure of anything in South Florida though. Hopefully someone with some info will speak-up.


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 22:50:00 on 05-18-2014
According to Mac (MGP), Demo is back in the area and going to try to put on a game in the near future. At least, this is what Mac was saying back at Wasteland and again at Amerika...


Capt. FA-Sergio       Posted: 01:45:00 on 05-19-2014
Good to know.


Capt. FA-Sean       Posted: 20:54:00 on 05-19-2014
I'd go just to kick Demo in the nutts.


PV Delta64       Posted: 02:25:00 on 07-29-2014
Hello everyone.


PV bossempire83       Posted: 11:47:00 on 08-13-2014
I'm new to the hobby looking for a team or someone with a lot of info about which guns are good and including gear


PV merlin62       Posted: 20:26:00 on 08-13-2014
I'm not really "new" here. I registered a few years ago and my old login info would no longer work, so I went elsewhere. But as they say eventually you have to go home. So here I am. I've been playing for 11 years, I'm the CO of Team Prometheus. We play in the Tampa Bay area. I've had a few health issues that have kept me off the field, but now I'm healthy and looking forward to getting back on the field.


Prv blanco       Posted: 14:00:00 on 08-17-2014
Hello everyone im new to the hobby I need information about how many people need 1 team I have alot a people they want to play we live in south florida but not matter were the field is we want play if someone know please let me know thank you


LCpl KOZMAN       Posted: 18:45:00 on 09-01-2014
Hello. Checking in with the old timers.


SgtMaj FKM Reaper       Posted: 12:34:00 on 09-05-2014
I think part of the issue with things being slow is the time of year. Airsoft games for a lot of people slow down during the summer months due to heat and humidity.

I suggest that if anyone is going to be hosting games, following the applicable FA guidelines, start posting them in the events section!

When visitors see an active event they will check back more often, and increase traffic flow on FA.


PO3 Swimmer (FKM)       Posted: 19:22:00 on 09-16-2014
Happy to see this still lives


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 18:54:00 on 09-18-2014
I'm not sure I'd say that... The site it still up, but very few people post any longer. :-(


MSG Holliday (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 22:21:00 on 10-06-2014
I miss the games where, I could go and knew everyone...


PV The_wolverine       Posted: 00:55:00 on 10-09-2014
Guys this is great news ive missed this site. I was on a hiatus for a little bit and when i got back into the sport this site was a ghost town. Im a huge part of the southwest florida community and if there is anything i can do to help restore this site to its former glory let me know.


LCpl Mark Drown (FKM)       Posted: 20:01:00 on 10-09-2014
Hi all been awhile looking to try and get back in some games soon hope all are doing wel!


PV2 Zodiac       Posted: 17:17:00 on 10-28-2014
Would be amazing for FA to get back to its glory again. Im trying to get back into some games after a good break and am having trouble finding stuff. I know mindgames has some and ive found a few things on airsoftsociety forums but we need our central hub back. And discussions on them are tiny compared to old threads concerning games. Are things being discussed on fb or on a forum im not aware of? Or not at all? I plan to be at wasteland but I feel I wouldn't even know about it if I didnt already know about it. So where do you go, currently, to find out about games and get in on the discussions? And how does it come back to here?


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 19:00:00 on 10-28-2014
This message edited by FA-Fireman. 2014-10-28 19:01:00
Yeah, Facebook and various airsoft mailing lists are about the only way people know about anything aside from being a part of the sites owned by groups like MGP.

This site is dead. It'll never be even a fraction of what it was. I hate to be so honest but with the owners and the people who really ran this site all grown up, grown old, and gone, there just aren't enough people with the power or drive to rejuvenate it. I may legitimately have the most power of anyone who checks the site and my rights are still limited. I can hide text within posts but cannot delete the whole post (like all these spam posts we keep getting), I can edit people's profiles, change their password and such. I cannot edit teams in any way though. I cannot do anything to the look or feel of the site. That's lock in old HTML code I know nothing about nor have the "keys" to get into the door.

People can keep checking the site out but pretty much all you see here are all that still come. :-(


PV The_wolverine       Posted: 16:45:00 on 11-02-2014
What if we start a new site? I can put down the money to open a new web page. We have enough people here who care enough to admin the page. This site may be dead but our community isn't we can restart and build.


SgtMaj FKM Reaper       Posted: 12:32:00 on 11-03-2014
There are a number of people who have attempted to contact the owners of this website to gain ownership and revamp this site to no avail. What makes this site a staple is the web address. When most people search for airsoft in Florida this is one of the very first sites that pops up. It is all about gaining the traffic flow from new users.


LCpl Skorpian7       Posted: 02:55:00 on 11-09-2014
Hey, guys. Good to see familiar names!


PV Demonomeniii       Posted: 18:27:00 on 11-16-2014
Whats stopping us from just turning this into a functioning bulletin board? I get what it means to have a site like this without mods, but theres no reason we have to abandon the ship because the captains died.


A1C Mindwerkz       Posted: 05:59:00 on 11-27-2014
Howdy. I was active years ago but went home to Colorado to go to gunsmithing school. I've been back a few years now but found that the games weren't as epic any more. I peek at the forum about once or twice a year. Just came in to link the site to some people on Facebook and noticed some activity.

Nowadays I'm mainly working to start my own gunsmithing shop, Daytona Gunworks. I'm hoping to be open by Spring.

If things get interesting again around here I'd dust off the ol AEG. It's cool to see some names in here I remember! I especially like this rumor of future games by Demo!



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