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CPT FA-Phillip       Posted: 15:33:00 on 02-28-2014
This message edited by FA-Fireman. 2014-11-19 20:08:00
You have reached Florida Airsoft. While there may nobody answering the phone right now, surely if you leave a message others will to.

There used to be a time when I would log on and see 30 active users online at once. Now like some have said, it has become a ghost town.

There has been some activity concerning the administrative rights, the mod access and other things associated with the general upkeep of the site, but also, a lot of the users have gone away.

This has, and always will be a user driven community. So get posting. If you have a banned account, call a friend and post a message and I'll unban you.

Do you post on Facebook? Do you use some other website? Let people know that FA is still here! Copy games and events from other websites and lets get some content rolling.

Will this website ever have the traffic it had before? That's up to new players, and current players to get the balls rolling (or the BB's that you left open in the bag in your trunk).

Happy posting.


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 22:31:00 on 04-08-2014
Hell yeah!


Capt. FA-Sean       Posted: 19:32:00 on 05-10-2014
Hey Peter....


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