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CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 21:33:00 on 03-12-2013
This message edited by FA-Fireman (UBCS). 2013-03-15 23:19:00
New to airsoft and looking for airsoft communities or fields? Follow the links below:

All Ages (unless otherwise noted):

Combat City Airsoft

Combat City Forums

Ages 12 and up (unless otherwise noted):

DV8 Airsoft

Ages 16 and up (unless otherwise noted):

MindGame Productions

MindGame Productions Forums


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 20:50:00 on 03-14-2013
DV 8 has more games that are 12+ than 16+


1LT SEM GhostBrother       Posted: 21:00:00 on 03-14-2013
Then rally the older guys!


LCpl KOZMAN       Posted: 18:41:00 on 03-15-2013


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 23:20:00 on 03-15-2013
I edited the DV8 age limit. I wasn't completely sure and didn't want to post a lower age then I was sure of.


PV Buck14       Posted: 14:42:00 on 03-25-2013
1LT FA-Fireman, saw you are from St.Cloud, do you do repairs need some gear and motor work, I live in St. Cloud as well


PV rojesahiagr       Posted: 05:56:00 on 12-21-2019

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