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Prv JoCamp_NRG       Posted: 12:25:00 on 04-02-2011
Straight from the source, Toy Soldier Sport (TSS) will be re-opening at a New Location in two weeks. Bigger and better, this new store is HUGE! Forget spending $100 for free shipping just to wait a week for the MailMan to deliver a half open box! Airsoft is all about that instant gratification! So tell your mother's uncle's grandma's nephew's 3rd cousin to spread the word and be there opening day!!


Opening Date:
April 16, 2011

4831 East Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

9am-8pm M-F
9am-9pm Sat
9am-6pm Sun



PV Joker (ECTS)       Posted: 18:52:00 on 04-02-2011
You guy's going to be having an online store?
Second question
I would love to see some sweet Multicam Gear and MARPAT gear


MSG Holliday (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 19:28:00 on 04-02-2011
Is Mongi involved?


Capt. FA-Tony       Posted: 19:50:00 on 04-02-2011
Yes, Mongi is opening a new store.


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 20:12:00 on 04-02-2011
WTF!WTF! This cant be real. Am I dreaming?


MSG Holliday (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 20:14:00 on 04-02-2011
Well, I'll be dipped. I got a call from a 407 area code the other day...might have been him.


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 20:20:00 on 04-02-2011
yes it might have.


Capt. FA-Tony       Posted: 20:25:00 on 04-02-2011
Yea he has sent me a few emails letting me know that he was opening a new store, One about a month or so ago and one last week.
I'm curious to see how the new store will look, His last one was pretty nice and this one is suppose to be better.


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 20:26:00 on 04-02-2011
Yay is in store. So when you going to start modeling for the guy Tony?


Capt. FA-Tony       Posted: 20:31:00 on 04-02-2011
When I get paid to do it!


Cpl Ramos (Shadow Walkers)       Posted: 21:04:00 on 04-02-2011
Sweet!!!! This will be a big boost for central Florida airsoft.


PV Joker (ECTS)       Posted: 21:19:00 on 04-02-2011
Lol this is going to be nice


SR SixFootCow       Posted: 21:25:00 on 04-02-2011
...does anyone else feel bad that soon absolutely NOTHING will get done at the house?! I know where I'll be on my time off! :D


Capt. FA-Sean       Posted: 22:08:00 on 04-02-2011
I got five bucks for ya Tony.


PV Drgagner       Posted: 22:58:00 on 04-02-2011
What kinds of brands will you carry? I will visit on the 18th! Very exciting!


PV bbmAster       Posted: 06:19:00 on 04-03-2011
They are taking over the entire sound advice building or a store in that strip center?


Capt. FA-Sergio       Posted: 20:40:00 on 04-03-2011

We welcome your continued visits and support. However please leave the task of enforcing the site rules to the moderator team.

This is the 2nd time you've been advised on this same issue.


PV bbmAster       Posted: 03:00:00 on 04-04-2011
Wow, Sorry, simple question. Don't want to be embarrassed walking into a store with my 2 sons and have the guy tell me to walk out because his store is 18 and older. You stress everything is 18 and up so one would assume the store is if it's posted here. Thanks for your rudeness.


Capt. FA-Sergio       Posted: 12:30:00 on 04-04-2011
This message edited by FA-Sergio. 2011-04-04 12:46:00
It may have been a simple question. Unfortunate the way you chose to word it could be interpreted as infringing on rule enforcement/site moderation. That may have not been your intent, however that was the result.

Had you worded the question differently and provided some of the information given on your follow-up post this would have likely gone down another way.

Rude?? Not at all.


PV bbmAster       Posted: 14:39:00 on 04-04-2011
Ok. Sorry for the miscommunication.
So does the place allow kids to buy and shop there or 18 and up? I still haven't gotten an answer on that?
There is no phone number to call



Capt. FA-Sergio       Posted: 14:43:00 on 04-04-2011
No problem.

It's at the bottom of the original post. "407.730.4662"


Prv Fade (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 22:38:00 on 04-04-2011
This message edited by Fade (Sierra Bravo). 2011-04-04 22:39:00
can't wait to drive 4 hours for something i can get online..wicked


LCpl 8ball (War Pigs)       Posted: 22:51:00 on 04-04-2011
I think we are kinda straying off topic here. Regardless. Damn happy to see Mongi back into the swing of things again. Umm Fade what way do you take to Orlando?


SN Hawaii Five-0 (187)       Posted: 23:45:00 on 04-04-2011
I'll make the trip to support the re-opening. We gotta show some love to a local airsoft business. Congrats!


SR Montefort       Posted: 00:27:00 on 04-05-2011
Awesome, this is about 5 minutes from my house, couldn't be better... though this could be dangerous for my wallet.


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 07:04:00 on 04-05-2011
Fade a drive to Orlando is two hours. Plus to go visit the wonderful world of TSS its totally worth it. Back in the day Mondi did a lot to help the airsoft community and I see this continuing with the new place.


PV Joker (ECTS)       Posted: 09:34:00 on 04-05-2011
Im just happy that there is gonna be a store closer than ASB sad i will be going to the grand opening of something else that day....


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 09:40:00 on 04-05-2011
Yeah it is a pretty cool thing to have them back in the area now. It was such a cool shop to begin with. Now that its bigger its going to be a bigger time sucker.


PV Drgagner       Posted: 17:40:00 on 04-05-2011
I just called this guy and I was super impressed. I don't mind paying a little extra to support something local while recieveing excellent customer service. I will be shopping here.


Capt. FA-Sean       Posted: 17:48:00 on 04-05-2011
Guys stay on topic. If you have a question about TSS please call them for the best answer.

FA is an 18 years old and up community.


SR SixFootCow       Posted: 18:19:00 on 04-05-2011
I'll be there later on Saturday to show support. Hopefully I'll leave with a new pair of cammies!


PV Joker (ECTS)       Posted: 18:46:00 on 04-05-2011
OO i didnt see that it would be open at 9 i might be there before i go to a new cqb facility


SgtMaj Priest       Posted: 19:59:00 on 04-05-2011
Mongi ! Mongi ! Mongi ! Ra ! Ra ! Ra ! YEA!!! MONGI!!!!!! Hummm <----brain cells burning (ha, burning i crack myself up), anyway Ra, God of the sun in Egyptian times....Egypt, hmmmm Most famous Egyptian, well King Tut! King Tut? Yeah!!! I cant wait to chill with the one and only Mongi at Tuts again! Hookaaaaa!!!
Welcome back Mongi, we have missed you.


WO1 Just Paul       Posted: 15:56:00 on 04-06-2011

Great to see Mongi back


PV BlitzOne       Posted: 21:14:00 on 04-06-2011

He hooked me up on a deal for my first

btw, i know you guys don't know me so i'll make an intro real quick, turned 18 on the 29th of march, airsoft since '06, been following this site on and off before I was 18. I followed the rules, somewhat. haha.


PO2 Mystery_Man_AWG       Posted: 21:33:00 on 04-06-2011
happy late birthday blitzone, come check us out at and join in the discussions and ideas etc...


SGM Noah       Posted: 16:37:00 on 04-08-2011
LMAO ru kidding is this for real are some April fools joke lmao If drive there & its not on the up & up Im going to be pissed off.


SMSgt SHWELL(CenFL)       Posted: 11:40:00 on 04-09-2011
I'll Stop by.. Gonna be a busy day for Shwell11.. Never met Mongi or got to shop at original location, they closed the week I started Airsofting.. Gotta meet this mysterious Mongi guy that I have heard so much about.. Started to doubt he existed. Let's see what all this place has to offer shwell and his minions..


PV Joker (ECTS)       Posted: 12:33:00 on 04-09-2011
lol and his minions?
SHWELL, lol....


SMSgt SHWELL(CenFL)       Posted: 17:47:00 on 04-09-2011
wuts so funny?

You are all my minions. We are taking over the Airsoft World...


SR SixFootCow       Posted: 12:09:00 on 04-10-2011


Prv johnfalto       Posted: 12:59:00 on 04-10-2011
Looking forward to the opening of a local airsoft store. Although it's still early, I was in the area of the upcoming TSS and decided to drop by. Although it was getting dark and cold not see much of the store, what I could see through the window is pretty much nothing. Saw a dressed manequin, and military services banners on the windows and 2 small flyers on the door heralding the grand opening on 4/16.

Considering it's a week away, I would have thought the store would be pretty much stocked by now. When you call the telephone number it is an answering machine that does not even mention the grand opening.

Has anyone heard of any delays or change in plans???


CPT FA-Phillip       Posted: 17:36:00 on 04-10-2011
This message edited by FA-Phillip. 2011-04-10 18:23:00
bbmAster - please check your gmail account, as I have sent you an email.

Scrap that, the email address you used to register with here on FA has come back as an invalid address, therefore I am issuing your account a ban.

Should you like for me to reinstate your account please email me at so that I may forward you the email I intended.

Thank you,

Phillip Adams


PV Drgagner       Posted: 18:34:00 on 04-10-2011
This message edited by Drgagner. 2011-04-10 18:35:00
Call him during the business week. He's great. He got me a deal on a kwa sr12. Also I know he JUST ordered he said he put a huge order in mid week last week.


Prv JoCamp_NRG       Posted: 12:27:00 on 04-14-2011
Just to update everyone; TSS will be opening as scheduled this Saturday @9am!! Dont doubt the inventory, shipments have been coming in everyday this week... **drool**


PV inmediasres       Posted: 22:17:00 on 04-16-2011
Any word from people? I've heard very positive things from people. I didn't get a chance to make my way down there today, but I need to.


PFC seangrizzly       Posted: 00:49:00 on 04-18-2011
It was hard to find since their signs were not in yet. It is in same shopping building as the Habitat For Humanities storefront. Nice big open space. Great potential. Cheapest place I have seen for the Magpul quick pull tabs. Decent selection of guns. A good amount of accessories and soft gear.


PO2 Mystery_Man_AWG       Posted: 07:11:00 on 04-18-2011
mac, simmons, shwell, and myself from mgp- along with coyote and a few others i recognised were on site.

nice store, nice wall space, good amount of gear and accessories, tech shop, NICE prices, and good staff .

only thing lacking is extensive inventory (comes with time), but what he had was a great great start. mongi will do well there.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars, due to slightly light inventory

also, mongi and tss have always taken care of us over at mgp, and were proud to say mongi and tss are once again an mgp sponsor.


SMSgt SHWELL(CenFL)       Posted: 14:47:00 on 04-18-2011
OK, so Mongi is real.. I personally verified. I thought he was a myth that the Yocals of Central Florida Made up.. But he is in Fact made of Flesh..

As for the Store.. It too exists. True Story. Asfar as my exp goes with Airsoft Stores, this is the biggest one I have waled into. His stock is lacking, but he assured me that it will grow very quickly. He also seemed eager to join us out at games again as a Sponsor, not sure if he has ever played.

His location is going to great for business, and will be very accommodating for the community here in the Orlando area.

If find anything good for the community I will support it.

oh.. and proof I was there.


LCpl 8ball (War Pigs)       Posted: 14:54:00 on 04-18-2011
Yeah, Its great to see Mongi back. I bought an RPK from him back in the day, he was awesome to deal with. It would be definately worth the 2hr ride to go check out his store.


LCpl Mark Drown (FKM)       Posted: 10:36:00 on 04-19-2011
The store looks nice can't wait to stop in and check it out.


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 18:55:00 on 04-19-2011
Great pictures Shwell! I see a lot of familiar faces there too. :-)

I'll have to get up there at some point and check the new place out. Been years since I've seen Monji.

He mention any belly dancers? Ha ha ha


SGT Maniac (FAST)       Posted: 07:40:00 on 04-20-2011
OH yea I forgot all about the belly dancers. Just remember you guys they are belly dancers not strippers (almost the same though.) Haven't been out in a while it due to crazy work schedule. But I don't have that to worry about now. It was good to see some of you guys at the opening. Can't wait for some trigger time.


PV fallout11       Posted: 09:15:00 on 01-02-2013
Closed and empty/out of business as of December 27th, 2012 (possibly earlier).


CPT FA-Fireman       Posted: 13:28:00 on 01-02-2013
I like to call this the "TSS Cycle". We've seen it before, we'll see it again.

I'm curious how many people's guns they still have this time around...

For anyone who wasn't around for the first "TSS Cycle", they used to have a store in the Amazon Village shops over on Colonial to the east of 417. They had a good store, had a good amount of product and their staff was always friendly. They would sponsor games, raffle guns and give away free merchandise. Sometimes they'd even have "after parties". All in all, Monji did a lot of good for the community back then. He was also the only airsoft store pretty much the entire area of central florida. TSS also rented out U-Haul trucks in addition to the airsoft business and sold other items like decorative swords to add to their revenue.

At one point, TSS was in the news after a "live grenade" was found in their store. By who I can't recall but it turned into a police lock down until things were cleared up. To this day I still have no idea if the grenade was in fact live or simply a decommissioned display. None the less, it got a lot of bad press for the store and was never really responded to by Monji so rumors spread rampantly.

Not too long after, it was reported that players had gone to the store and found the doors chained shut with a phone number on a sign for people to call who had guns for repair still in the store.

Eventually the entire contents of the store was sold off to a buyer as a way to recoup what was rumored to be a few months of back rent which had never been paid.

There are all sorts of rumors as to why Monji (the owner of TSS) somewhat suddenly "disappeared" but I'm not going to feed any of them here.

A few years later, TSS was back in that new location like nothing had ever happened. On the flip side, players who were around when the first "cycle" occurred never really trusted Monji like they had before, especially players who had to go to great lengths to get their property back after TSS had closed. This lack of trust combined with reports from players who shopped there of being sold used items as "new", new guns with used batteries, ect., quickly spread among the new players. I had also heard players complain about high prices, especially compared to other retailers both online and off.

Long story short, if we see a third "TSS Cycle", Monji is going to have to REALLY pull out the stops if he wishes to regain a positive enough image in the airsoft community to stay in business. He's just burned too many bridges and people aren't as good at forgiving and forgetting as they used to be.



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