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SR CyBORG       Posted: 21:10:00 on 01-02-2010
Hey guys I'm in gainesville and have a group of about 4-5 ppl who play. We are looking for larger groups to have bigger games. I noticed many of the posts about gville games are pretty old... anyone here who would be interested in getting a game together?

Also, I haven't been able to make it out yet, but I plan on going out to First Strike Paintball in Newberry for their airsoft sundays. Has anyone played there recently? How big is the group?


PFC papa smurf       Posted: 21:31:00 on 01-02-2010
hey im interested i live on the other williston i got 3-4 ppl im actully having a 2 day game at my house tomorrow and mon


SR CyBORG       Posted: 13:40:00 on 01-03-2010
This message edited by CyBORG. 2010-01-03 13:41:00
We have 3 (and possibly a 4th) that could definitely get together for a game. send me an email, I have a friend who has ~160 acres of woods that he said I could have games on... they have a motocross track out there so he already has waivers made up, it would be pretty easy.


PV timarbeau       Posted: 20:12:00 on 02-11-2010
hey i live in newberry near gainesville and i have anywhere from 4 to 12 people coming to play in my 5 acre yard this saturday morning. please call or email me if you want us to play with your group or if you want to join my group this weekend!! thanks! my number is (352) 275 6430 and my name is tim. i've been calling first strike every airsoft saturday but they always tell me there's nobody there playing airsoft. lets get our own game going!!


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 21:22:00 on 02-11-2010
Wow and here I am thinking of what to do this wknd!
We have a Gville facebook group, guess I'll call tomorrow and we'll talk this over.
We should have 6-8 active members who could come out.

Best wishes,


Amn Threegunvash       Posted: 19:00:00 on 02-23-2010
Oh sweet.

We've got a fairly inactive group at UF, there's about 5-6 of us (Gopblin being one of them) that go out to most of the big MGP / TCA events in ocala.

But I'd love to have a small group to play with here in gville.

look up "UF airsoft" on facebook and join up!


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 21:30:00 on 02-27-2010
i would love to do a game sometime i live in tallahassee and would love to go play a little i have a pretty good arsenal and would be glad to loan guns if needed thank u.


PFC seangrizzly       Posted: 22:33:00 on 02-27-2010
First Strike is an awesome field. It used to be a sand quarry and the enviroment is not what people expect for Florida: hills, cliff faces, great woods, forts, ravines. Nice to hear they are allowing airsoft there. Snipers would love this field.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 02:09:00 on 02-28-2010
i cant im working but on a sunday im off ill let u know ok it will be 2 weeks from today.


SN Hawaii Five-0 (187)       Posted: 09:43:00 on 02-28-2010
Hey Grizz, I'll go. Just let me know. Road trip.


LCpl Hebrew Hammer(War Pigs)       Posted: 12:35:00 on 02-28-2010
Indeed, Hawaii, I think we could get a decent showing from PHG for one of these. I'm sore as hell today, but maybe some time in the coming weeks


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 16:01:00 on 02-28-2010
hey guys how bout we plan a game in this site for march 14th a few weeks before radient spear i have an idea where this place is or can someone give me more detail of how to get there from hwy 75 thank u.


PV2 Blackbird (War Pigs)       Posted: 22:17:00 on 02-28-2010
This message edited by Blackbird (PHG). 2010-02-28 22:18:00
I"m up for a team outing


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 00:25:00 on 03-01-2010
i dont know where that is i live in tallahassee and the paintball place here which is tpp doesn't really do airsoft at all.


PFC seangrizzly       Posted: 09:41:00 on 03-01-2010
Here is First Strike's website. Looks like airsoft is every third Sunday of the month.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 16:32:00 on 03-03-2010
so when is the date to play this first strike is it the 14th or


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 09:11:00 on 03-04-2010
Got an interview this wknd, sorry. Normally I'd be all over this but I just have everything happening to me at once ATM


SR <6mmJunkie>Crash       Posted: 14:53:00 on 03-04-2010
email me

I might have something that will interest you


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 00:10:00 on 03-06-2010
hey if ur playing a game this saturday the 6th ill come to it let me know my phone # is 850-345-6415 and how much money and what time will it be please call me early thank u.


SN Hawaii Five-0 (187)       Posted: 12:36:00 on 03-11-2010
Sunday the 14? What time? May have some intersted players. $10 a head, right?


SN Hawaii Five-0 (187)       Posted: 17:23:00 on 03-11-2010
Looks like we might have 4 total to start, maybe more. I'll let you know here soon. How many total players do you guys usually get? Will next week be a better turn out? I'm in just rallying the troops. A few of our team members have played the field in the past and loved it.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 19:44:00 on 03-11-2010
Hey tony how many are u bringing or u can email me about it and fullauto, bouncerboytimmy is coming also from melbourne.


PV fullauto762       Posted: 20:09:00 on 03-11-2010
hey zackery how many did u say were going with you.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 20:57:00 on 03-11-2010
2 with me and one from melbourne near cape canaveral.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 16:22:00 on 03-15-2010
hey i had a great time yesterday we had 4 of us and a few random players out there we played for 5 hours of random games and had a blast so if anyone wants to go again this sunday march the 21st then lets do it, tony are u going to make it out this time ur missing out on a great field?


SFC Duchess (War Pigs)       Posted: 12:01:00 on 03-16-2010
This month is impossible for me, but I'm dyeing to get out to this field. If some of our guys can get up there this month that would be great, but we definitely need to get the entire team up there after Ft. Pierce. This field sounds like too much fun to miss.


SN Hawaii Five-0 (187)       Posted: 17:09:00 on 03-16-2010
I'll be there this Sunday. Noon, right?


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 17:22:00 on 03-16-2010
Looks like I'm in town, so should be coming out as well. I'll ask my buddies, maybe we can get like 10 people to play.

Best wishes,


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 12:15:00 on 03-18-2010
Here's a copy of what I sent out to some of our facebook group just now:

Apparently we have games going at First Strike again, so why not try to have a large showing this Sunday? Lets try to bring enough pistols to have a sidearm-only game as well...
Oh and as usual I'm looking for a ride and I'll make it worth your time either by paying for gas or by lending you gear. Or maybe I'll get one of my friends to come out, play and drive me.
Lets coordinate the whole thing on "UF airsoft" facebook group wall, or in the floridaairsoft forum topic


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 16:04:00 on 03-18-2010
Ok change of plans, apparently there's a game at Wayne's world this Sat, so it's probably better to go there, the field is awesome

Best wishes,


PV fullauto762       Posted: 16:53:00 on 03-18-2010
no new berry will be better


PV fullauto762       Posted: 16:53:00 on 03-18-2010
first strike!


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 17:03:00 on 03-18-2010
Newberry is Sunday, so we could go to both :)


CPT FA-Ivan       Posted: 19:49:00 on 03-18-2010
First strike indeed for fullauto762 & zakery25... And, to clarify, I'm not talking about the field...

Read the rules again and make sure you understand them.


SR <6mmJunkie>Crash       Posted: 21:37:00 on 03-18-2010
I got some info for you
email me


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 16:05:00 on 03-19-2010
hey fullauto i just fixed my kwa mac11 ns2 version now i have 2 mac 11's we can use at the game they each have 3 mags each so ill see ya there and im bringing a friend also.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 02:07:00 on 03-21-2010
hey is the weather going to effect us much?


CPT FA-Ivan       Posted: 18:36:00 on 03-24-2010
FA doesn't condone under 18 yo playing airsoft, neither we allow those game to be announced here.

Full Auto, this time you lost your posting privileges for 24h.


CPT FA-Ivan       Posted: 10:18:00 on 03-26-2010
Rules of Engagement
Since common sense and courtesy are not universal, here are some guidelines for posting on this site:

Racist, ethnic, or other slurs are not tolerated
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Commercial vendors should limit their posts regarding their goods and services to no more than twice a month
If you are under 18, do not post about selling, buying, or playing airsoft or owning airsoft.


PV fullauto5_56       Posted: 19:27:00 on 03-31-2010
This message edited by FA-Ivan. 2010-04-01 07:51:00
hey ivan you really are as big of an anal retentive fag as you look like in your picture. i hope i see your ass on the field in waynes world. you've become my priority target number 1 baby, im gonna light your ass up!!!

yours truly

EDITED BY FA-Ivan: Removed info that shouldn't be here. The rest was left to shown an example of the level of "maturity" that we, mods, have to handle every day in this forum.


MSG Whiskey-Tears (Sierra Bravo)       Posted: 06:13:00 on 04-01-2010
Hey Full Auto nice way to show integrity. Besides he will be probably be at Radiant Spear with the majority of the people on here. Way to go buddy.


PV fullauto456       Posted: 22:47:00 on 04-01-2010
like i said lt ivan i will see your ass on the field



AB Socom321ad       Posted: 17:59:00 on 04-22-2010
I'll be attending Santa Fe in the fall, i'll be having an appartment in Gainesville place, so count me in on Sundays.



PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 18:44:00 on 05-02-2010
This message edited by zackery25. 2010-05-02 18:45:00
hey guys there is going to be another game sunday may 9 th be there or be square ok i have 1 with me and 2 from melbourne heading there fullauto i know ur going too and i hope to see ya there contact me if ur going anybody ok.


PFC seangrizzly       Posted: 13:14:00 on 05-03-2010
Once I get some free time on weekends I will be back out there.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 16:05:00 on 05-10-2010
Hey guys there is another game on sunday may 16 th so be there. We will have more people in this one, im hoping for at least 8-12 or more for this one so let me know if any of you are going see ya there.


AB agentblayze       Posted: 19:59:00 on 05-11-2010
Hey everyone. My friends and I are interested in getting into airsoft, but we dont know much about it. Are there any practices going on soon that we could attend to observe, or perhaps take part in? Thanks!


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 20:33:00 on 05-11-2010
This message edited by zackery25. 2010-05-11 20:47:00
yes there is at first strike paintball field near newberry me and some friends are going up on sunday may 16 th and are welcome to join up with us any camo will do and i have extra gear and guns that i will bring just tell me how many and ill get the gear ready and its 10 dallars to play at the field and the gates open at 12 noon it has 27 acers of fun out there if u dont know directions let me know or google first strike paintball and it shold give u proper lacations for it. it u have any questions feel free to call me at 850-345-6415. and ask for brian.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 20:40:00 on 05-11-2010
This message edited by zackery25. 2010-05-11 20:44:00
here is the address

First Strike Paintball
5619 Southeast County Road 337Newberry, FL 32669-7141
phone# 352-338-8408


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 23:46:00 on 05-13-2010
Hey there is a big game coming up Saturday pretty close, its 25 but well worth it, email me danshabash AT

Best wishes,


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 01:28:00 on 05-14-2010
well crap can't i work on that day thats why i going sunday and its only 10 dallars if u want too go sunday also and play that would be nice and agentblaze how many are going with u i need to know soon so i have enought equipment to take with me.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 16:20:00 on 05-15-2010
well guys no game sunday there is not many going so ill be at home instead.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 17:36:00 on 06-03-2010
ok guys on sunday june 6 im going to have a game on sunday it will start at noon at first strike paintball ill dress as a ww2 person and use my tommy gun this time so if anyone would like to come let me know ok, and post here.


PFC papa smurf       Posted: 11:57:00 on 06-04-2010
hey guyz im looking to get some smaller games together if your intrested hit me up 2 or myspace at the same email


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 10:17:00 on 06-05-2010
So game sunday huh? Hit me up on my email with details on who's going and when, and most importantly if they owner okayed it. Then I can send out a notice to the FB group.

Best wishes,


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 15:13:00 on 06-05-2010
hey as far as i know im going to go around noon ill be there and owner is all good with it and i only have a few people going so spread the word.


PFC AWG_legos       Posted: 00:38:00 on 06-09-2010
This message edited by zackery25. 2010-06-19 21:36:00
deleted post no one answered no game saturday o well.


PV Hands       Posted: 13:45:00 on 07-20-2010

Is this the main place you guys post game meetups? I have a group of players that would be interested in coming out for a game.




CPT FA-Caffeine       Posted: 19:44:00 on 07-20-2010
Hands, welcome to FA.

The "Games & Fields" forum (which this thread is in) is the best place to look for announcements about upcoming games. It's also a great place to try and get a pickup game going. Just make sure you have the property owner's permission. Here's a link:

You should also watch the "Schedule" page. Here's another link:

Hope this helps.


PFC Gopblin       Posted: 16:23:00 on 07-21-2010

If you were asking about Gainesville specifically, there is a facebook group, I believe it is called "UF airsoft".

We don't really do local games much (had one this year) because it takes as much effort to go to a 10-man game in Newberry as to go to a 150-man game in Ocala, and even Tampa isn't bad in terms of gas and time as long as you have 3-4 people per car to talk and split the costs.

That said, I'd be up for a game at First Strike Paintball, it only costs $10 and the fields are fun. Also, when the fall semester starts we should have ~10 players in town.

Best wishes,


LCpl 8ball (War Pigs)       Posted: 06:04:00 on 10-09-2010
in about 2 years for you man.

Since common sense and courtesy are not universal, here are some guidelines for posting on this site:

Racist, ethnic, or other slurs are not tolerated
Do not post other peoples personal information
Do not post the same message to multiple threads
Commercial vendors should limit their posts regarding their goods and services to no more than twice a month
If you are under 18, do not post about selling, buying, or playing airsoft or owning airsoft.



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