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Rules of Engagement

Since common sense and courtesy are not universal, here are some guidelines for posting on this site:

  • Racist, ethnic, or other slurs are not tolerated
  • Do not post other peoples personal information
  • Do not post the same message to multiple threads
  • Commercial vendors should limit their posts regarding their goods and services to no more than twice a month
  • If you are under 18, do not post about selling, buying, or playing airsoft or owning airsoft.

NEW TEAMS Topics: 545
This is a list of new teams on FA


News Discussions Topics: 78
Discuss news from the FA home page.


Ideas Topics: 1078
Got and idea about FA that you want to share with everyone? Here is the place to do it.


General Topics: 7049
General forum for posting about anything airsoft related.


Games & Fields Topics: 2135
Looking for players or fields in your area? Planning a game? Post it here.


Airsoft Guns & Gear Topics: 3409
Quesions about airsoft or airsoft related gear? Got something new you wanna share with the rest of us? This is the place for it.


TV, Movies and Games Topics: 488
See any good action movies lately? Know of a good program about the Navy SEALs appearing soon? Get a new computer game that reminds you of playing airsoft?


Airsoft Retailers Topics: 1400
Found an new airsoft retailer on the web? Had a good experience with one that you want to share? Here is the place to do it.



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