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What to bring to an FA Airsoft game

We have decided to make a list of gear that you should bring with you to an airsoft game. Several people helped out with this list (thank you). If you have any suggestions you can post them in the FA Forum, 'Ideas: New feature: What to bring to a game'. Also note some of the items mentioned in this list for an overnight game so you can igore the camping gear for a regular one day game.

Items marked with an * are very important.

1. Your AEG.*
2. Paintball mask or ballastic goggles and a balaclava.* If your wearing a mask also bring some camo/mosquito netting for your head. The idea is to completely seal your head and especially your eyes from BB's.
3. Batteries.* One large battery should last you an entire day. Mini batteries should last you half a day. Your mileage will vary. I personally have used a single mini battery for 2 days worth of gaming. Sustained full-auto fire will wear your battery down a lot faster than semi-auto or burst fire will. You should also consider getting a battery charge that can run off your car battery.
4. BB's.* How much you bring depends on your style of play. 1000 BB's a day should be fine for most folks. You could have a great day and use less than 200 BB's.
5. BDU's.* Woodland camo is the best pattern for Florida all year day or night. Rip-stop cotton is the most comfortable and Proper International is the best brand. Jackets are optional when its hot.
6. Combat boots. The terrain out in the woods is too rough for tennis shoes so get a pair of good boots. Avoid the cheap ($25) combat boots as your feet will be sorry and you'll be buying another shortly. Hi-Tec Magnums are one of our favorites.
7. Water.* Bring at least a gallon a day for yourself.
8. Food. Bring plenty of food as running around the woods will make you very hungry. Even games that are only one day long you will need something for lunch.
9. Compass. Some games will require that someone on your team has one.
10. Garbage bags. Nuff said, pig.
11. Chair. You might as well bring one cause your not sitting on mine!
12. Box or bag for your gear. Your gonna wanna have some way to keep your stuff organized while at the field.
13. Cell phone. Leave it in your car safely hidden though.
14. Web gear or tac vest. Gotta have some way to hold your extra mags while playing.
15. Canteens or a Camel-back.
16. FRS Radio. Motorola 250's are the best.
17. Extra AEG's. Who knows when your gun might break? Plus you can loan extras out if your feeling generous.
18. Sidearms. Springer pistols are too terribly effect even as a backup but there will probably be scenorios requiring pistols.
19. Gas for your GBB guns.
20. Gloves. Nice if your hands are sensitive or you can't bear the thought of getting dirt under your finger nails. Wuss.
21. Tent.
22. Sleeping bag.
23. A nice big soft pillow for your big soft head.
24. Extra sock and underwear.
25. Tennis shoes. I like to wear then after the game. Much more comfortable to drive in too.
26. Cash.* You never know if you're gonna need some last minute thing or need to pay a field fee. Plus there is usually someone selling some gear you just gotta have.
27. Camera. Everyone wants to take pictures of me. No use fighting just bring your own.
28. Gun bag. Bring your AEG in a gun bag or purpose built container for it. We will not tolerate people coming to the games with out their AEGs properly concealed.
29. Did I mention bring your AEG?
30. Leave your redneck flags at home thank you.

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