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FA Rules of Gameplay

Airsoft is meant to be a fun game. Rules are designed not to restrict but protect the safety of its participants and ensure each player has a good time. In developing these rules, we tried to cover realism, game play and safety.

Velocity Limits

  • 400 fps limit with .2 gram Marui BB for all full-auto airsofts.
  • 500 fps limit with .2 gram Marui BB for all semi-auto sniper airsofts.
  • 350 fps limit with .2 gram Marui BB for all indoor CQB style games.

Personal Protection

  • Goggles REQUIRED. Impact rated (meets or exceeds ANSI standards) fully sealed goggles must be worn at all times on the game fields.
  • Full face protection REQUIRED - either a balaclava or a full paintball mask that covers both your ears and mouth - must be worn at all times on the game fields.

Minimum Shooting Distance

  • No shooting less than 5 feet.


  • In outdoor, or non-CQB situations, an order to surrender can only be given within 5 feet and from behind. All players ordered to surrender MUST COMPLY. It is conceivable that player can sneak up to within 5 feet of a group of players and order all of them to surrender.


  • Any hit from a BB anywhere on your body is an elimination.
  • Gun hits do not count.
  • Ricochets count. Any hit from a BB ricochetting off an object close to you (wall, tree, your gun, etc.) counts.
  • Friendly fire (hits from teammates) counts.
  • In the event of an elimination, the eliminated player must yell "HIT!". No false calls.
    • If the area is clear, the eliminated player immediately exits the playing area in the most direct route possible. Either hold both hands or your airsoft above your head. If necessary, call out "HIT!" numerous times to prevent from being shot again.
    • If the area is "hot", the eliminated player(s) lay down on the ground and wait. It may be necessary to keep yelling "HIT!". When the area clears, exit as described above.
    • While exiting, the only word from an eliminated player must be "HIT" and nothing else. Dead men tell no tales.
    • Eliminated players may leave equipment at the spot of elimination for use of the "surviving" members. This is at the discretion of the eliminated player. Equipment must be retrieved at the spot where the player was eliminated.

A note on identifying hits:

When you THINK you may have gotten hit by a BB you should declare yourself hit and walk off the field. Sometimes it is VERY hard to tell if you have been hit. However, if someone fires a full-auto burst at you and you have nothing but soft cover (ie bushes, tall grass, etc) you probably got hit and could not tell. About the only exception is if you are lying prone on the ground and facing your attacker. Since about the only thing you have exposed is your head feeling a BB hit is MUCH easier and much less debateable.

  • Variations (rule variations will be announced prior to game start)
    • Nashville Rules: Only hits to the head and torso count. Hits to the limbs DO NOT count. All other rules apply.
    • Medic Rules:
      • Instead of exiting the playing field, the 'wounded' player lays down, stays where he/she is, and calls "MEDIC!" The team's designated medic must get to the player to reactivate the player.
      • The wounded player cannot fire.
      • The wounded player may talk to teammates regarding enemy positions, etc.
      • The wounded player may move to a new location only if escorted by live players.


  • No paint grenades allowed.
  • Smoke grenades allowed. Smokes must either be activated in a metal bucket. Alternatively, it can be attached to 2 foot long stakes (minimum) to elevate the device above ground.
  • All other pyrotechnics subject to prior approval before use. Use of unauthorized devices is subject to immediate dismissal and disbarrment from future events.

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