AAR June 17, 2001

The outlook for this month’s game wasn’t good… players from FA-2 (NOMAD) from Orlando, and FA-3 from Sarasota were going to be definite no-shows. Still, during th April game, we had a total of 8 players show up and we still had a good day of skirmishing. Hopefully, we’d have enough players from FA-13 (FSOG) and our team FA-1 (FAST) to replicate that experience. I showed up (late as usual) and everyone was there, save for FSOG’s ’60 gunner, Socom762.

Bad news came as we were preparing for our first game: being father’s day, Thunderbay had decided to close shop early at 11:30am. Crap. It was 10 o'clock. At least the good news was we were gonna play for free. As we hustled to get our butts in gear, a new player drove up, Ginzo. So now we were 7 and ready to play.

Hands down, everyone decided that the city was gonna be it. The plan was cram as many games as possible. Teams were split four (FA-1 + Glock) vs. three (FA-13 + Ginzo). FA-1 started at the far side while 13 took near side. The game was simple elimination. At “Game on” Lance and I took the route up the west edge of the city at the border of the speedball field while Ripfire and Glock took “Maze” in the middle of the city. Contacts were sighted at the southernmost structures and almost immediately, Ginzo called himself out. After trading fire, Lance took a hit. With Ripfire and Glock keeping Skully and X busy, I decided to swing wide right into the speedball area, trying to maneuver behind 13’s positions. It worked. I popped up from behind a bunker directly at their six and moments later, game over. My luck would run out afterwards.

Next game was just a change of starting points. Lance and I went for “Cheese” (west side) while Ripfire and Glock headed for “Woods” (east side, next to the treeline). Contacts were sighted at the 2 story structure – seemed like they were all at the eastern part of their side of the city. I snuck along between structures and sighted Ginzo. A few bursts later, and he was out. Lance and I made our way to “Maze” directly across from the 13’s last known position. My recollection of the following events is unclear… next thing I know, Ripfire and Glock were out along with X from 13. 2 to 1 odds were on our favor. Lance (from what I saw) tried to go left after taking fire from Skully at “IRS”. After providing some covering fire for myself, I rushed straight for “IRS”’ right side, thinking Skully was on the left. Nope. As I reached the corner, there he was. I managed to fire an unaimed burst but Skully got me. As I walked off, I heard Lance also call hit. It turned out both of them got each other.

Game 3 was another “change court”. This time, Ripfire and Glock would go right while Lance and I would take “Maze”, essentially flipping our roles from game 1. As the game progressed, 13 had posted 2 players at “Woods” while 1 was unaccounted for. Lance and I decided to head for “IRS”, in front of “Woods”. I snuck up to a pallet between “IRS” and Woods. I figured it’d be a good time to try out my airsoft grenade. As I reached into my ammo pouch for the grenade, I realized the pouch was a little too deep. I had to squeeze my hand in to extract the darned thing, along with the striker. After what seemed to be an eternity, I was ready. All the while, Lance was providing cover from “IRS”. My objective was to lob the grenade over “Woods’” non-existent roof, right into the structure. I lit the grenade and tossed it. Right at the wall. As I realized my error, I took cover behind the pallet and waited. BANG! Almost immediately automatic fire burst from “Woods”. (“If you stir a hornet’s nest, be prepared for the consequences!” – as Skully would recount later) Well, there went that experiment. I was eliminated by Ginzo a few minutes later while trying to clear the same building. As the game went on, Lance, X, Ginzo, and Glock were eliminated. It boiled down to Skully vs. Ripfire and this time Skully emerged victorious.

Game 4, change court again, with FA-1 “nearside” while FA-13 was “farside”. In retrospect, maybe we were getting tired because we didn’t charge as deep into the city as we usually did. Ripfire provided overwatch with his effective M4 + ACOG (replica) combo while Lance, Glock and I started into the city. After being stopped from fire from “Maze” I decided to swing left out into the speedball field and try to take them from behind. Taking cover behind the speedball bunkers, I managed to get behind Maze. This time, Skully and X new where I was and promptly eliminated me. The game ended but I was too busy helping Ginzo with a hi-cap problem to notice who won. (I think 13 won that too).

Game 5 was the last game and it was 11:05. We had played 4 games in an hour. A record especially when you consider that we’d usually get 2 games in before lunch. We were also feeling the heat. Skully couldn’t even recognize his own M4. “Boy, that’s a nice gun. Hmmm… he even has the same red dot I do…”

Game 5’s mission was to reach the opponent’s start point. Only then had Lance realized we were playing 4 vs 3 all the time and decided to assign Glock to 13 for this game. We started “farside” and as we always did, we rushed the west side of the city. As I reached the last structure on the strip, I fired at Glock running for the speedball area. Lance joined in and BBs started flying. Seems like we weren’t leading our shots too well as Glock survived the barrage. We began to take fire and while pulling back to a better tactical position (read: retreating), I was eliminated. Lance was the lone survivor and was taken out after sweeping through the speeball area.

In summary, the June 17 game was pretty good. All in all, games were quick, fast paced, and back to back to each other. It was extremely hot though. While signing out, Skully continued on his “heat delirium” by trying to stick one of his own magazines into Lance’s M4… while it was slung on Lance’s back. That’s one lesson learned: It’s always a good idea to keep on drinking water in this kind of weather. Another lesson: use a better grenade pouch for quicker access. And yet another: it’s probably better to overthrow a grenade than underthrowing it. See you next month!

Players Present:

FA-1 (F.A.S.T.)


FA-13 (F.S.O.G.)