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Classifieds Help

Welcome to the FA Classifieds section.

Please feel free to post items you want to sell, buy, or trade by clicking on the [New Classified] button over on the left-hand side.

You will be asked to provide your vendor information, which can simply be your FA user information.

On the next screen, enter a name, description, type, category, and price for your ad. Please note, you can only enter numerical date for the price.

On the third screen, you can upload a picture to your ad from your computer or link to an existing picture on another website. Note, when link to another picture, please maker sure it is about 300x200 pixels, else your picture might look funny in the ad.

Finally, you will get a screen confirming your ad was created with a link so that you can go directly to the page to check everything over.

You can edit an existing ad you have made by click the [edit] button at the bottom of your ad description.

Ads will stay active for 2 weeks and will then automatically be removed.

If you wish to remove your ad before it expires, click on the [Cancel Ad] button located below the Contact Vendor button.

Rules for posting in the Classifieds are the same as the rules for the forums. Moderators will remove, warn, and even ban users who violate the spirit of the rules.

Have fun!



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