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FA: Florida Airsoft

Florida Airsoft (FA) began as a small, dedicated group of simulation gaming enthusiasts, which participate in military simulation gaming. The Florida Airsoft website that you are currently visiting started out as a general information hub in a once barren land, void of any other way to contact other enthusiasts. We have grown over the past few years and now have over 2000 registered airsofters that have contributed to our forums. We have established one of the largest hubs for airsoft in the southeastern United States and abroad, with new members signing up everyday.

The information you will find on our website has been contributed voluntarily from other airsofters. Our player written Reviews have been linked to other player run sites and provide us with a players perspective on each particular item reviewed. The Forums are full of information from what to bring to a game, what is going on, as well as new product releases and more. Generally you will find that if you have a question about anything airsoft related, that your question will be answered in a very little amount of time. Plus in our Classifieds section you can find players selling many things Airsoft related.

The members of Florida Airsoft participate and share information here about games and events that center on providing a fun and realistic experience, all the while paying close attention to safety, professionalism, and responsible use. We have routinely participated in events with more than 150 players at such places as USDA Labs, banks, hotels, fruit packing facilities, industrial parks shipping container lots, MOUT facilities and other interesting places. In the past these large scale events have drawn participants from neighboring states, and from as far away as Scotland. FA members also host smaller scale events that use the community supported guidelines on safety and professionalism. Our community members have helped outline these guidelines as the best practices to ensure a safe and fun experience for new and old players alike.

We welcome you and urge you to participate, contribute to our website, and become an integral part of our community. All we ask that you read the rules we have set in place, and respect them.


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